It’s That Woman Again

22 May

“Why doesn’t the IMF stop wasting everyone’s time and focus on the real issues?”
(Jeremy Warner in “The Telegraph”)

Well, you did ask:

Lagarde is yet another French failed politician crony whose mission is to save the euro. The IMF has been dominated by this elitist game of Frfench musical-chairs since its inception.

And can you tell us Jeremy if when the IMF was set up one of its remits was to constantly pontificate to sovereign states about what to do?

As far as Lagarde is concerned:

A) She was French Finance Minister from 19 June 2007 to 29 June 2011, time, a post she clearly utterly failed in as France is totally bankrupt, in recession and heading down the pan in total denial.

B) She had a go at the Greeks for not paying taxes when she has an income of half a million dollars a year and pays NO TAX.

As for her income, I did read that when the IMF was set up the salaries were set ludicrously high because they (various national leaders) wanted to attract top people from the private world of finance, who might just have a clue about what is going on.

Now THAT was a real success, wasn’t it? The post is invariably filled by failed political cronies without a clue.

I gave up paying any attention to Lagarde a long while ago Jeremy; I am surprised you find she is important enough to write about. “The sex-life of a slug” would be more relevant, and certainly more interesting.


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