The Euro and Political Union

13 May

BLOG COMMENT in “The Telegraph”:

“The euro could never work without fiscal and therefore political union.”

The EU’s OWN economists TOLD them this, but they were ignored for political reasons. This is why I hate and despise the political elite of Europe and Brussels who allowed this to happen. They should all be locked up for reckless misuse of public money.

They allowed their zealotic, insane obsession to create a United States of Europe to blind them to economic reality.

THEY are responsible for this shambles, along with moronic national governments, Spain being a good example. Only yesterday someone was describing to me a vast culture complex in Galicia which is now an abandoned ruin as there is no money to run it. The original (unfinished) building was started with EU structural funds. Or in other words, part of the FIFTY-THREE MILLION quid that the UK transfers to Brussels every single day.

And the most disgusting thing is that not one single European citizen has voted for this insane obsession of Barroso et al to create a political union – which is his and the Brussels mafia’s STATED aim. NOBODY HAS VOTED for this, or WOULD of course, which is why they haven’t been allowed to.

Are ANY of this political elite suffering? Very funny. Inflation will have to get a lot worse before these people feel any effects. One hundred thousand of them earn more than the British PM and they pay little tax. Barroso (Does he actually DO anything except make moronic speeches telling US what to do?) earns 300,000€ per annum plus vast expenses.

And there is no HONESTY. They all blame someone ELSE. The banks, the Brits, the Yanks, the Chinese, the ratings agencies …. the fact that they, the EU don’t control everything – which of course they slaver after and are doing their best to achieve.

No wonder people want to get out of the EU.


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