Owning your Own Dwelling

11 May

So, let me see if I have got this right.

Posh houses in London are bought by foreigners and let to native Brits.

That is it, right? And how far can this process go? Until we are all tenants of rich foreigners as we become poorer and they richer?

This seems to be a system remarkably similar to what happened in the early Middle Ages. And it is supposed to be good news?

The funny thing is, even cavemen had – as far as I know – their own cave. Ditto with American Indians re tipis and Africans with their mud huts. But advanced Britain has to have much of its population living in someone else’s property!

There will be NO social justice until NO INDIVIDUAL – foreign or otherwise – owns TWO or more places to live until EVERY native Briton owns ONE dwelling.

The current system is completely¬† rotten and immoral. The hilarious thing is that many paid up true British socialists are also multi-propertied owners at the same time as they rail against the evils of capitalism, prompting the weary old phrase: “You couldn’t make it up.”

Have a good day, especially those luxuriating in their own properties while millions of their fellow-citizens struggle to pay the rent.

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