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The French Political Elite

One example illustrates the lunacy of this particular bunch of highly-educated pillocks. Yet the public went along with it (sensing a magic solution – “Work less and be better off!!! You know it makes sense!”), so you can hardly blame the politicians alone:

A) A few years ago, unemployment as usual was higher than just about everywhere else in Europe, even in the best of times.

B) A top politician came up with the cunning plan of working less to create jobs – NO, SERIOUSLY!!!!. And “Yes”, it was a “socialist”; how did you guess? For socialists, of course, unemployment is not a “good thing”, even though they specialize in creating it. You can’t fault their bleeding-heart rating. I even give Gordon Brown credit for wanting to end various things, including poverty, boom and bust, unemployment and of course Tony Blair’s political career: no doubt the number 1 priority in fact. I only ever questioned Brown’s competence, honesty, judgement, humility and sanity, (I may have left out some items here, but you catch my drift.)

C) So, the French government cut the legal working week from 40 hours to 35, This involved vast amounts of paperwork, legislation and loads more civil servants to monitor the whole thing.

D) It was a total and utter nonsense and waste of time as well as intellectually moronic; they are no better off today than before the reform, in fact, worse off; the Asians must have been laughing themselves sick. As cunning plans go, even Baldrick would have rolled about the floor laughing out loud.

E) But perhaps they didn’t do it seriously enough. After all, if reducing the working week to 35 hours is supposed to “create” X number of jobs then surely reducing it to 5 hours a week would have created 7X jobs? This is an excellent example for teaching the concept of inverse ratios of course – but not as good as the British NHS, where the more you pay doctors and the more managers you have the worse it gets. Still, that’s another story – a bit like the Titanic, although at least that was an accident in that they saw the berg only at the last minute; in the case of the NHS it has been coming inexorably for years as the ship’s passengers wine, dine, prattle and squabble while moving the furniture about.

Meanwhile France continues with its state participation in GDP approaching 60% (among the highest in Europe), with its tax regime (among the most onerous in the world – and the most complex), and its ferociously inflexible employment legislation. This latter of course exemplifies the wonderful French mindset. In theory (the French strong point) the employment law gives employees wonderful job-protection but in practice ensures that unemployment remains high, since it is both so expensive to hire anyone and so difficult to fire them that employers will do anything to avoid hiring.They are completely insane. Sad to see collective insanity, but not unusual of course, even on our side of the Channel.

Can anyone see Mr Flobby making any significant change? I can’t. All they know how to do is raise taxes even MORE. Anyway, like everyone else he lied to get elected. Quite funny in one sense.

pre-vote on Sunday: “Vote for me and I will end austerity, unlike that evil bling-laden and heartless capitalist Sarkozy.”

post-vote on Monday: “Sorry chaps – austerity seems to be essential after all – oops – got that one wrong again! ….. still, we’re all in it together.”

This last phrase is of course a favourite on both sides of the Channel. The French sugar up the increased taxes bill by appealing to “solidarity”, a wonderful piece of Eurospeak. Lest ye be confused, here is a translation:

“Solidarity” = “If you have any money left we’ll take as much of it as we can in extra taxes to pay for our own incompetence and lunacy.”

I suppose it saves words at least. The thing is – and here’s the rub – they have tried this one with the Germans, but so far it hasn’t flown …….. and the big question for Europe is, when Merkel wins the election in the autumn will she commit Germany to underwriting the whole of Europe’s debts, including France, the dinosaur in the middle of the room? Failure to do so means the end of the euro, so the incentive to stab her own countrymen in the back will be very strong, the euro being a quasi-religious (and thus essentially insane) project.

The fact that this would be a cynical betrayal of German voters is of course neither here nor there. Once we get elected we don’t have to bother much about the voters for the next 5 years, do we? Will the Germans riot?  I wouldn’t bet against it, and as the Germans tend to do thoroughly anything they set their minds to, it is a bit of a worry.

Much of this is a poker game of course. The French will NEVER change their lunatic practices unless they really BELIEVE the Germans won’t rescue them. This is just like the UK and the EU. The latter will never change unless Germany really believes the UK is prepared to leave, and the hilarious Ace up our sleeve is that the UK leaving the EU would be MUCH WORSE for the EU than for the UK. On can already sense the gathering of headless Brusselian chickens as the UK’s resolve to leave becomes ever clearer.


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The Woolwich Murder

There is nothing as interesting as the study of human behaviour, as recent events have once again shown.

For years it has been obvious that ranting fundamentalist Imams should be thrown out of Britain instead of being allowed (mostly on welfare) to spit out their vile message in mosques up and down the country.

The political establishment – knowing of course better than the “mob” baying for these loathsome scum to be sent back to somewhere where they would fit in better – ignored the baying mob, insisting on these peoples’ “human rights” and “British tolerance”. It took years for Abu Hamza to be silenced and there are plenty of others still egging on impressionable young people to murder us.

But suddenly, one of our soldiers has his head cut off in broad daylight and Oh, surprise, surprise, now we must “do something”. Absolutely pathetic of course, but no more than one expects from the soggy, flabridden, PC unintelligentsia.

Well, we’ll see what happens. No doubt whatever is proposed the ECHR will object, their Strasbourg Lordships in their posh enclaves having very little chance of having their heads cut off.

And have you noticed how the police are trawling the internet for signs of people committing incitement against Muslims? One has to ask where they were when the imams were doing THEIR bit of incitement. No wonder the average white, ethnic Brit is sick to death of all this.

And what about Islam? The problem is that many of us in the “mob” are not prepared to be told what to think, much as the political elite would prefer it that way. We look at Islam and we see a sect which:

  • displays extreme homophobia – and it is very funny to see the liberal unintelligentsia foaming at the mouth about “bigots” in the UK who refuse to accept homosexual “marriage” (even as they of course accept that in civil terms homosexuals should enjoy the same rights as everyone else) while wetting themselves for fear of offending Muslims (you may not have caught the Cornish council which banned the flying of the George flag as it might offend Muslims by reminding them of the crusades – you really couldn’t make that one up) 
  • treats women as virtual slaves and/or chattels, in many states refusing them basic civil rights, including in the worst cases the right to leave their houses, to be educated, to drive a car or even to be alone in the company of any man not a member of the family 
  • mercilessly punishes women accused of adultery by flogging or worse while men are unpunishable: no different to Western practices in the Middle Ages, but we are no longer there – most of us have moved on …. 
  • forces women into marriages 
  • forces women to cover themselves up as if they were infected: what deranged sexual perversion 
  • in Afghanistan murders schoolteachers of girls and blows up their schools 
  • in a number of states makes conversion to Christianity a capital crime 
  • is capable of putting out a decades-long state-fatwa (= murder contract, like some Chicago gang) on a writer who has “offended” them, just as innocent people including an old lady were murdered because someone in a distant country published a “cartoon” of Mohammed 
  • prohibits the building of Christian churches in many countries, including the official holiest state of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

This is Islam. Are we supposed to IGNORE all this? No, most Muslims in Britain would not subscribe to these extremes, but these are NOT extremes in terms of the worldwide Islamic movement; they are the NORM. Islam is indeed totally alien to the British way of life and morality. That is a FACT, and it CANNOT be “racist” to state FACTS.

Given the nauseating ideology of Islam, it is a betrayal of successive governments even to allow mosques to be built in Britain. Official Islam is extremely homophobic, womenophobic, Christianophobic and anti-democratic. Frankly, I have no tolerance whatever to it. Still, the establishment knows best – though apparently it didn’t know best as suddenly “measures are going to be taken”. Horses bolting comes to mind.

If “British” Muslims agree, let them do a Luther and separate themselves from “official” Islam, just as Luther did in protest against the venal, oppressive excesses of the then Catholic Church. That would be convincing. Official Islam, however, is odious, and its followers should be sent back to somewhere where they can enjoy their sect’s loathsome practices.

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It’s That Woman Again

“Why doesn’t the IMF stop wasting everyone’s time and focus on the real issues?”
(Jeremy Warner in “The Telegraph”)

Well, you did ask:

Lagarde is yet another French failed politician crony whose mission is to save the euro. The IMF has been dominated by this elitist game of Frfench musical-chairs since its inception.

And can you tell us Jeremy if when the IMF was set up one of its remits was to constantly pontificate to sovereign states about what to do?

As far as Lagarde is concerned:

A) She was French Finance Minister from 19 June 2007 to 29 June 2011, time, a post she clearly utterly failed in as France is totally bankrupt, in recession and heading down the pan in total denial.

B) She had a go at the Greeks for not paying taxes when she has an income of half a million dollars a year and pays NO TAX.

As for her income, I did read that when the IMF was set up the salaries were set ludicrously high because they (various national leaders) wanted to attract top people from the private world of finance, who might just have a clue about what is going on.

Now THAT was a real success, wasn’t it? The post is invariably filled by failed political cronies without a clue.

I gave up paying any attention to Lagarde a long while ago Jeremy; I am surprised you find she is important enough to write about. “The sex-life of a slug” would be more relevant, and certainly more interesting.


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A Sad Old Wreck

There’ s never much of a lack of lunacy in the utterances of the great and famous!!


“I will say what I think about Putin: the Russian nation needs a person just like this – with a Russian temper. Putin is trying to return just a bit of dignity back to the people.”

He then added: “For me, he is like (former French president) Francois Mitterrand or Pope John Paul II.”

Putin? Actually, Gerard old luvvie, he called the collapse of the Soviet Union: “one of the great tragedies of the 20th century.” He actually said that; he couldn’t have been clearer, could he?

So let’s just examine the USSR, shall we? You do know, Gerard, that Stalin murdered far more people than Hitler? You do know that in one indescribable act of brutality alone the USSR NKVD murdered in cold blood SIXTEEN THOUSAND Poles in Katyn Forest?

You do know that the USSR invaded and brutalised half of Europe for decades? That it took a great Russian, Mikhael Gorbachev, to finally put the nail in the coffin of this loathsome regime after some 70 years of extraordinary brutality in the name of “communism”?

Do you know that Putin spent much of his career in the KGB, a branch of the USSR state fascist authorities and oppressors of the people; brothers-in-arms of those who murdered all those Poles in Katyn Forest, whose only “crime” was to be intellectuals and/or leading figures of Polish society?

Do you also know that the modern Russian KGB is suspected of murdering Alexander Litvinenko by poisoning him with a radioactive isotope (a terrible, painful and lingering death) in the middle of London?

If you don’t know all this, don’t you think you should inform yourself before uttering such nonsense? If you DO know this but still admire Putin, then you are both deranged and by connivance as great a fascist as he is.

As for giving the Russian people some “dignity”, he would do better not to ape Stalin (whom he is undoubtedly itching to emulate) but Sweden, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, or somewhere else that has true dignity, democracy and human values. Returning Russia to the corruption and brutality of the Soviet years has nothing to do with dignity, only with shame. There is no dignity in sheer power alone.

So, shame on you; you are no loss at all to France, even though I disagree as much as you about Francois Hollande’s idiocy with his taxes. As for comparing Putin with Pope John Paul II, I can only sympathize with your mental instability and wish you the best in finding a cure. Is this what acting can do to the brain?

Putin & the making of a neo-KGB state

Soviet War Crimes

Stalin’s Crimes

NKVD Crimes

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Socialism & Capitalism in a Nutshell

I was musing the other day about “socialism” and in particular about why “socialists” so dislike “capitalists”. This dislike seems to me utterly illogical, for the following reasons.

  • Socialists in general are good, caring people who selflessly want to spread wealth around to alleviate the problems of the most vulnerable in society. Capitalists, on the other hand, are (as far as most socialists are concerned) mean, exploiting and money-grabbing and often heartless toffs; devoted mainly to grinding the noses of the poor into the dust while they selfishly amass great wealth for their personal use.

  • So, the chief desire of the socialist is to altruistically dole out welfare to the needy. However, it is (or should be) obvious that this most noble of aims cannot be fulfilled unless you actually have the money to dole out. (Many socialists do of course borrow it against future growth, but this is not the place to discuss “Alice in Wonderland”).

  • This of course is where the capitalists come in. Socialists – while being wonderful, caring and touchy-feely people – do not specialize in making money, only in dishing it out.

  • It is in fact “capitalists” (all in the rather – for socialists – odious private sector) who actually create the wealth that the socialists seek to redistribute to the deserving needy.

  • To restate this – just to make sure it is clear – socialists NEED the capitalists to CREATE the money that the former want to redistribute. I am not sure how many die-hard socialists will agree that they need capitalists – indeed, could not manage without them – but you can argue that one among yourselves.

  • If you agree with my theory about the capitalists being a necessary evil, then it further follows that the MORE money the latter create the MORE the socialists can take off them to redistribute.

  • And logically, if that is the case, it follows that socialists should do EVERYTHING they can to make it easy for capitalists to create wealth, since the more they create the more can be taken from them to do the touchy-feely, caring bit.

  • In other words, the successful capitalist is the socialists’ best friend, since without the former the latter would have no money, as is clearly shown in Cuba, where there are no capitalists and correspondingly no money, meaning that everyone is just about equally poor with little redistribution needed.

  • Of course, everything is a question of balance; you can have too much of either “ism”, just as you can die from drinking too much water. However, it would be nice if the socialists would sometimes accept that without people creating wealth they (the socialists) would have no justification for their existence, since they would have nowhere near enough of anyone else’s money to redistribute. I am hoping in particular that Mr Francois Hollande, President of France, will take this on board. In truth, however, this hope is tempered by realism.

    Much of the above falls into the category of “the bleedin’ obvious”, but I have always loved this saying of Talleyrand:

    “Cela va sans dire, mais cela va d’autant mieux en le disant.”


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I hate this moronic term of abuse “eurosceptic”.

We all LIVE in Europe.  I actually am British, now live in Germany, am married to a German, worked in France for ten years, speak four European languages, have a tri-lingual son, have 3 Anglo-Spanish daughters, have family living in the UK.

How the HELL am I “eurosceptic”?

What I am “sceptic” about is the humungous waste, cost and corruption of the EU as well as the unhidden agenda to create a European superstate that NOBODY has voted for.

This “eurosceptic” rubbish is absolutely typical of the Goebbelesque propaganda flung around by the Brusselomafia and those who fall for their sheit.

I will agree to being called “EU-sceptic”, since this organisation has USURPED my own personal dreams for Europe and has brought much of it to sclerotic and economic ruin as well as behaving in a quasi-fascist way.

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Labour’s Manifesto Leaked!!!

EXCITING NEWS!! Our mole in the Labour Party’s CREEPY (The Committee for the Reelection of the Party) has managed to get hold of a draft copy of the party’s manifesto for the 2015 election.

This is dynamite stuff so I promised faithfully I would not publish it. However, as we all know a promise is not worth the paper it isn’t written on in politics, and in any case circumstances have changed since I made the promise (namely that now I have the info and before I didn’t), so here we go.

It seems the PET (Party Election Theme) will be DOUBLE OR QUITS, since apparently lots of things are going to be doubled. It was felt this would be a sufficiently catchy slogan to seize and retain the attention of voters.

And in a stunning move there will be a major reconciliation of the warring tribes within the great movement, bringing back on board some who had jumped ship and others who had of course been pushed off it.

This is apparently how it goes:

A) The following will be doubled:

  1. borrowing – to invest in infrastructure and thus create jobs
  2. doctors’ salaries – to improve the NHS
  3. local council salaries – to improve councils
  4. our EU contribution – to improve the EU
  5. investment in PFIs to improve infrastructure, along with the doubling of the time taken to pay off the debt
  6. the size of the Civil Service to speed up and improve the quality of service to Ministers
  7. the welfare budget so as to abolish poverty
  8. taxes so as to pay for all the above (an idea filched from President Hollande of France)
  9. the minimum wage to keep the unions quiet
  10. MPs’ salaries to keep them quiet – or at least quieter
  11. the number of government consultants to create jobs and help Ministers reach the right decisions
  12. the amount of land sold to foreigners to build houses to rent to native Brits in a vast extension of the “Buy-to-let” policy, with the hope of doubling tenants and reducing home-ownership by half during a single parliament
  13. the cost of energy through the doubling of the number of operational coal mines – this is calculated to double the country’s fuel self-sufficiency safety factor and of course will put the final nail in Mrs Thatcher’s coffin
  14. the BBC grant so as to improve government propaganda
  15. the airspace devoted to convincing the public that the Tories are incompetent toffs (some had argued against this on the basis that everyone knew it already and that all our politicians are incompetent but the only case to be resolved was which lot were less incompetent than the rest)

B)    Some things however will be abolished:

  1. border controls to save paperwork
  2. the armed forces to save money (and the risk of a coup)

C)    The main govt aims will be based on growth. The party is particularly pleased with the brilliant idea of increasing spending while simultaneously reducing the crippling debt through the anticipated massive increase in growth. Growth in fact will be the party’s new mantra. With this in mind, the following policies will be pursued:

  1. to reduce the debt through increased borrowing and spending (another idea from our French socialist comrades “Merci, les gars!”)
  2. to end austerity by increasing growth (see previous article)
  3. to increase the money supply (and thus in people’s pockets) by printing lots more of it
  4. to improve the country’s infrastructure so as to increase growth
  5. to reduce carbon emissions through increased growth

D)    Among the Reconciliation and Truth appointments (RATS) will be these exciting initiatives:

  1. Tony Blair to run the The Listen and Respond Department (LIAR).
  2. Gordon Brown to oversee the Quantitative Easing Solves Everything Department (QUESE).
  3. Peter Mandelson to run the Socialist Millionaires United Group (SMUG) – this will convince the people that Labour has nothing against millionaires, as long as they are socialists.
  4. David Milliband to run the How to Lose elections Gracefully (HOTLEG) Advisory Group, which it is hoped this will be of particular on-going value to his brother (Gordon Brown is said to have lobbied unsuccessfully for this particular job).
  5. John Prescott to be Roving Troubleshooter (ROT), as usual punching above his weight, difficult though this may now be – he will be known as SUPREME ROTTER.
    David Blunkett was also offered a post but apparently declined on the basis that the country did not want – as he said – to see the blind leading the blind.

All in all, this is a stupendously exciting package to put to the voters in 2015. I bet you can’t wait!!

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