ULTs (Universal Laws of Taxation)

03 Apr


Law 1 of Government Finance: Whatever CAN be stolen by a government WILL at some stage be stolen.

Law 2: There is not a lot of point in ordinary and sensible people saving and wisely – but not greedily – investing their money as sooner or later some moronic government will steal it to bail out the morons who have spent and borrowed far beyond reason (usually the government itself of course). This theft can be achieved either by simply taking it or by engineering vast inflation to wipe it out and/or inventing some daft acronym such as QE or OFT.

Law 3: The plebs are so downtrodden and passive and with a memory span of about 10 minutes that governments can get away with Laws 1 & 2 without even having to deal with riots in Trafalgar Square.

Law 4: Go back to Law 1 and start again ……

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