The Queen’s Question

08 Mar

“Why did nobody see it coming?”

Many DID see it coming, especially those involved in it.

So your question, M’am, is indeed naive.

“Why didn’t anyone do anything to prevent it?” would be a better question, to which the answer is:

– Those creating the problem were doing too well out of it to give a toss.

– The THREE THOUSAND people working for the FSA are presumably idiots – one has to ask what their point was – or is. Or did one or two raise doubts and then get told to keep their gobs shut?

– Gordon Brown studied history at university and had not a clue about management, finance, economics or indeed much else.

– His fawning acolytes, including the fairly odious Balls, did nothing either during thirteen years of binge, boom and humungous bust. This total failure  was a combination of not daring to stick their head over the parapet, being cowards (the same thing) and incompetence.

I have my own question: “What % of the truly guilty have been punished in any way?”

To which the answer is – at a guess (and probably vastly inflated) – 4%.



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