Fun with Windows

02 Mar

Windows told me there were updates ….. like a good soldier, I click where I am supposed to and it hangs up for half an hour … I fiddle about a bit – ever the optimist –  and the updates finally get going …… EIGHTY-TWO … that goes on for a long time, then it says it is shutting down, but doesn’t; I have to force close it, then on restart it tells me the updates are being configured and an hour after that it announces that the installation of Service Pack II has been unsuccessful. It doesn’t tell me HOW unsuccessful. A teeny-weeny bit? A disaster that will erase my HDD?

I have Windows 7 Professional ….. (I am a sucker for anything “professional” – it makes me feel more …. errmmm … ah yes, professional) … so I don’t really expect all this pissing about. And when it tells me the installation has failed it gives me a place to find the reason and of course you have to do it all over again trying any one of three different things …. and it asks me “Was this information helpful?” …….

My BBC Computer was a lot simpler; the OS was on a ROM and instantly worked when you switched on … Is it TOO much to ask?

Anyway, I have no idea which if any updates have made it through to fulfil their destiny ands how many languish in the ether or in some forgotten past of the HDD; maybe the process resembles sperm: only one gets through. Still, at LEAST the thing is still working: in the past an update has often meant something no longer worked at all …. a bit like getting a new Labour Government BOOM, BOOM!!

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