02 Mar

Clegg is SOOOOO irritating. Let’s review the facts, shall we?

– the Lib-Dems lost 14% of their vote and defeated UKIP by a paltry 4%
– the outgoing MP was a criminal (a liar perverting the course of justice)
– the party leader is a liar (about covering up some party big-wig groping the totty)
– the country is in a shambles, with debt and immigration going up, the lowest % of home ownership in 30 years, thousands of rich foreign mafiosi and poor developing-world immigrants taking over London, the NHS killing people, NO decision about LHR, energy running out, inflation threatened, welfare out of control and so on …..

Instead of beaming about how clever he is Clegg should be more humble and promise to do better. “Humble? Wot, Me?”

Pity about the missing 4% – UKIP winning really WOULD have made life interesting.

So, Cameron will stumble on, with the Cleggelian ball-and-chain in tow. But at least a ball-and-chain kept schtumm instead of imitating Coco The Clown (sorry, Coco …..)

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Posted by on March 2, 2013 in Britain


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