21 Jan

They have both their own language and their own logic in Brussels. This takes a bit of learning, but once you’ve got the idea it helps to determine the propaganda quotient of the stuff put out by some of the 3,250 Brussels penpushers who earn more than the British PM and pay minimal tax.

To save you time, this quotient is in fact 100%, which after a while becomes bleedin’ obvious, but is cunningly hidden – as with all good propaganda – within a web of lies, exaggeration and incomprehensible jargon.

As for the logic, here is a typical example:

A) Many non-EU countries do a vast amount of trade with the EU.

B) If the UK is out of the EU it will have the same status as these many other countries … but

C) …….. will not be able to do a vast amount of trade with the EU.

YUP – sucks, doesn’t it. But it is the level at which these people operate. Let’s try a bit of home-grown logic as a yardstick by which to compare it:

A)  Many non- EU countries do a vast amount of trade with the EU.

B) Britain is one of many countries.

C) Britain out of the EU could do a vast amount of trade with the EU.

Yup – that sounds more like it.

Of course, the EU would be so pissed off at losing our TWENTY MILLION QUID NET PER DAY to splash out on the vast salaries, little tax and immense perks of the Brusselomafia – so much so that they might start a “trade war”. BUT …….

A) ….. this would be against the rules of the WTO and HILARIOUSLY …….

B) … they flog US more than we flog THEM, so …..


Still, keep it up Borroso, for whom the crisis is over, and this despite the fact that none of the root causes have been – or indeed can be – remedied given the vast difference in economies inside Euroland, which of course their own economists told them about BEFORE they let in Greece based on a pack of lies cooked up by Goldman-Sachs. And meanwhile SIXTY PER CENT of Greek and Spanish youth is unemployed – a ruined and disillusioned generation.

THANK YOU EU and EU NATIONAL LEADERS – you REALLY have done a good job.

PS Incidentally, Goldman-Sachs executives are apparently making millions in betting on food prices, while millions of the world’s poorest are ever hungrier as prices rise. This gives you a clue about the morality of the people the EU likes to bed.

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