Tory Backbench Loonies on the March ….

29 Sep

“I would certainly support toll roads,” Mrs Leadsom said. “I have just been driving in Europe with my family where everybody pays tolls.

Is this person an idiot?

Perhaps she has not heard of Germany, a small, far away country of which she clearly knows little.

In addition, motorways in France are expensive and push ordinary people onto smaller, less safe roads.

Road pricing is yet another thin end of the wedge designed to allow Britain to pay billions to nuclear-Pakistan et al in “aid” and to pay millions to cronies on quangoes or indeed immigrants from Somalia to have multiple kids and live in the centre of London – AND of course TWENTY MILLION GBP each and every single day to the EU.

On the other hand, perhaps this Ms Leadsom has a bit of dosh and doesn’t mind paying to drive on deserted, tolled-up trunk roads while the plebs are priced off the roads generally.

IS there anyone actually REPRESENTING the plebs, in fact? If there is, it certainly isn’t the hapless, soggy Ms Leadrom.

PS Has this bizarre person not heard of FUEL TAX? We already PAY BILLIONS in tax to drive anywhere, MOST OF WHICH does NOT go to buiild roads ANYWAY. If you absolutely MUST put up tax (which of course you must) then just bung more onto fuel ………

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