23 Sep

The term “eurosceptic” is an insulting IDIOCY. WHY journalists keep playing the EU propaganda game is a mystery.

We almost ALL LIVE in Europe. NOBODY wants to see Europe FAIL. We ALL want good cooperation. We are NOT sceptical about Europe, merely the quasi-fascist EU.

What we DO NOT WANT is a European federal state. Not ONE SINGLE one of the 450 MILLION EUROPEAN CITIZENS has voted for this. Neither have we voted for a banking union, a fiscal union let alone a political union, or for OUR money to be poured down a black hole to bail out the eurozealots, who KNOWINGLY allowed Greece into the Eurozone on a PACK OF LIES.

The EU and also many national politicians – for example the gruesome Westerwelle – are paying a FASCIST game with the people, FAILING to consult them and LEADING them where NOBODY has asked to go.

DT editors and journalists – pls STOP using the word “eurosceptic”. We are EU-as-it-is sceptic. 

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Posted by on September 23, 2012 in European Union


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