Housing the People

17 Sep

Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless. Millions are paying very high rents. Tens of millions not only do not own their own home but have NO HOPE OF EVER DONG SO.

The solution is mind-bogglingly EASY:

Ban the ownership of more than ONE dwelling until EVERYONE has their OWN dwelling. The idea that some Arab sheik can own properties all over the place for one foreign family while thousands of British people have NOWHERE to call their own is OBSCENE.

Oh, and the idea that the Duke of Westminster among others can own vast estates including large areas of London handed down from feudal times is ALSO obscene. Only the fact that we are used to it and it seems therefore “normal” prevents people from understanding the extent of this obscenity. Much as I admire Her Maj, the idea that she has five vast palaces empty for most of the year while tens of thousands of her subjects have no home to call their own is ALSO obscene.

These, however, are obscenities that ALL political parties seem quite happy to live with. Of course, none of their MPs are homeless, or we might see a different atttitude.

As for the Labour Party, their ONLY housing policy in the last government was to favourize “buy-to-let”. This of course eliminates them from any understanding whatsoever of either morality or “socialism” in the truest sense, not that regurgitated by the Trades Unions et al.

So, crocodile tears from the political establishment about the “plight of the homeless”, but NO JUSTICE. Funnily, enough, the last person to try to increase the number of people owning their own properties was the eternally-vilified Mrs Thatcher.

YUP – Man is indeed insane. Does he even deserve to survive?

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