Boringissimo Wants a Federation!!

13 Sep

Borroso is not asking himself the one question that matters (apart from “Am I barking mad?” of course.)

And that question is:

“Will the French abandon their sovereignty?”

I use the French obviously as the most clear example . Of course, there is only one possible answer, and it is not “Yes”.

So I fear old Boringissimo is barking up the wrong tree in a parallel universe.

But as the Brussels steamroller is out of control and rudderless to boot the UK should gather like-minded nations into a free association common market, called for example – the Noo EU, or perhaps the Real EU. We could certainly get the Scandinavians onside, they not being noted for the insanity infecting the Continent from Brussels.

THIS is what we signed up for decades ago because it is a good idea. Borroso’s project is insane.

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Posted by on September 13, 2012 in European Union


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