06 Sep

Can’t keep up with these acronyms. Now we have OMTs. Is this what they call another “instrument”? Christ – what a vast orchestra they have.

And the money used to buy bonds will come from somewhere else? Not be printed? Is that it? Anyone know where from? Are they cutting van Rompo’s salary?

The money will be”sanitized”? Is it real money or not? What IS real money? Anyone know? Is what I get when I get my pension “real money” and what Draghi is playing with funny money? Do they ever get mixed up? How do you know which is which? Can you actually touch Draghi’s bond money or does it exist only on a computer?

How can this bond-buying be “unlimited” if the “money” is coming from somewhere else” Is that “somewhere else” an unlimited pile? If so, can we have a piece of it? And if it is being taken from somewhere else does that mean it wasn’t really needed in that place whence it is being taken and needn’t have been there (if indeed it was in any logical sense) there in the first place? And if not, which idiot left loads of money where it wasn’t needed?

Monti says the EU is like a Gothic Cathedral? I thought those went out of style in the Middle Ages.

The whole thing is a gigantic farce and scandal. For God’s sake why don’t the Germans put a stop to this nonsense?

PS Does ANYONE except Draghi know the difference between a “monetary transaction” and an “outright monetary transaction”?

PPS I may be confusing “sanitized” with “sterilized”? Is there any difference? Which is correct? “Sterilized” suggests it could not breed, which is patently wrong as more virtual money seems to turn up every day. Perhaps it should be “certified”? Or should Draghi himself be certified?

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