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Tory Backbench Loonies on the March ….

“I would certainly support toll roads,” Mrs Leadsom said. “I have just been driving in Europe with my family where everybody pays tolls.

Is this person an idiot?

Perhaps she has not heard of Germany, a small, far away country of which she clearly knows little.

In addition, motorways in France are expensive and push ordinary people onto smaller, less safe roads.

Road pricing is yet another thin end of the wedge designed to allow Britain to pay billions to nuclear-Pakistan et al in “aid” and to pay millions to cronies on quangoes or indeed immigrants from Somalia to have multiple kids and live in the centre of London – AND of course TWENTY MILLION GBP each and every single day to the EU.

On the other hand, perhaps this Ms Leadsom has a bit of dosh and doesn’t mind paying to drive on deserted, tolled-up trunk roads while the plebs are priced off the roads generally.

IS there anyone actually REPRESENTING the plebs, in fact? If there is, it certainly isn’t the hapless, soggy Ms Leadrom.

PS Has this bizarre person not heard of FUEL TAX? We already PAY BILLIONS in tax to drive anywhere, MOST OF WHICH does NOT go to buiild roads ANYWAY. If you absolutely MUST put up tax (which of course you must) then just bung more onto fuel ………

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The Spanish Predicament

Europe’s Betrayal of Spain

Sorry Ambrose – this time it is utter rubbish.

The blame for Spain’s predicament lies totally, completely and utterly with the Spanish. They have received BILLIONS from the so-called selfish Northern countries but not content with this their INSANE borrowing and spending have brought them to their knees. Apparently they have TWICE as many airports as Germany and can’t afford to run half of them. Local mayors have gorged themselves on stupid loans they can NEVER repay. The last few governments including that of the fatuous freeloading Zapatero were CATASTROPHIC for Spain.


You want us to be solidaire with the Spanish? Well, let’s start with them being solidaire with US and not demanding ALWAYS MORE of our money.

Pls note that to my knowledge NOT ONE SINGLE ONE of those people responsible for this utter shambles has been brought to account for their corruption and stupidity.


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UKIP a “comedy alternative”?

It is the STATED goal of the Brussels mafia to create a European superstate. Germany is also on message, though more subtle. Merkel wants a banking and fiscal union and “more Europe”.

Do YOU want to be a compatriot of the French? Do YOU want to lose Britain’s sovereignty, power of decision (much lost already) in a European superstate dominated by Germany and France?

Before you talk about comedy, perhaps you should get a grip on reality. It is a LIE that Britain (and other small countries) cannot survive and thrive as independent, sovereign nations. It is TRUE that very large states are the most dangerous and the most susceptible to centralised dictatorship and subsequent fragmentation and conflict.

People are supporting UKIP (now above the Lib-Dems in the polls) because they – unlike you, or indeed the Tories en masse apart from Daniel Hannan – recognize the LIES and the DANGERS of what is going on.

As for the Lib-Dems, Clegg has led them into ridicule. He is better off in Brussels with the other clowns. Jo Grimond must be turning in his grave.

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The term “eurosceptic” is an insulting IDIOCY. WHY journalists keep playing the EU propaganda game is a mystery.

We almost ALL LIVE in Europe. NOBODY wants to see Europe FAIL. We ALL want good cooperation. We are NOT sceptical about Europe, merely the quasi-fascist EU.

What we DO NOT WANT is a European federal state. Not ONE SINGLE one of the 450 MILLION EUROPEAN CITIZENS has voted for this. Neither have we voted for a banking union, a fiscal union let alone a political union, or for OUR money to be poured down a black hole to bail out the eurozealots, who KNOWINGLY allowed Greece into the Eurozone on a PACK OF LIES.

The EU and also many national politicians – for example the gruesome Westerwelle – are paying a FASCIST game with the people, FAILING to consult them and LEADING them where NOBODY has asked to go.

DT editors and journalists – pls STOP using the word “eurosceptic”. We are EU-as-it-is sceptic. 

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Housing the People

Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless. Millions are paying very high rents. Tens of millions not only do not own their own home but have NO HOPE OF EVER DONG SO.

The solution is mind-bogglingly EASY:

Ban the ownership of more than ONE dwelling until EVERYONE has their OWN dwelling. The idea that some Arab sheik can own properties all over the place for one foreign family while thousands of British people have NOWHERE to call their own is OBSCENE.

Oh, and the idea that the Duke of Westminster among others can own vast estates including large areas of London handed down from feudal times is ALSO obscene. Only the fact that we are used to it and it seems therefore “normal” prevents people from understanding the extent of this obscenity. Much as I admire Her Maj, the idea that she has five vast palaces empty for most of the year while tens of thousands of her subjects have no home to call their own is ALSO obscene.

These, however, are obscenities that ALL political parties seem quite happy to live with. Of course, none of their MPs are homeless, or we might see a different atttitude.

As for the Labour Party, their ONLY housing policy in the last government was to favourize “buy-to-let”. This of course eliminates them from any understanding whatsoever of either morality or “socialism” in the truest sense, not that regurgitated by the Trades Unions et al.

So, crocodile tears from the political establishment about the “plight of the homeless”, but NO JUSTICE. Funnily, enough, the last person to try to increase the number of people owning their own properties was the eternally-vilified Mrs Thatcher.

YUP – Man is indeed insane. Does he even deserve to survive?

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Boringissimo Wants a Federation!!

Borroso is not asking himself the one question that matters (apart from “Am I barking mad?” of course.)

And that question is:

“Will the French abandon their sovereignty?”

I use the French obviously as the most clear example . Of course, there is only one possible answer, and it is not “Yes”.

So I fear old Boringissimo is barking up the wrong tree in a parallel universe.

But as the Brussels steamroller is out of control and rudderless to boot the UK should gather like-minded nations into a free association common market, called for example – the Noo EU, or perhaps the Real EU. We could certainly get the Scandinavians onside, they not being noted for the insanity infecting the Continent from Brussels.

THIS is what we signed up for decades ago because it is a good idea. Borroso’s project is insane.

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SOROS on the Blab Again

“This policy is pushing Europe into a depression which is going to last five or 10 years.” 

You binge like a lunatic on junk food for a decade and it will take you the same length of time to get back to being fit. THERE IS NO MAGIC SOLUTION MR SOROS, and getting Germany to pay for everyone else’s binging is NOT a “solution”. If the failing states DON’T  want my money they are free not to take it. GOOD LUCK. If they DO want it then they accept the conditions. IS THAT TOO COMPLICATED?

I take it that A) you are not German and B) have enough money not to bother anyway.

“Bundesbank-led ideological opposition to central bank financing of states and strict adherence to a goal of inflation close to but below 2 percent.”

What people like you do not grasp is that this attitude of the Bundesbank is the ONLY good thing Europe has going for it. WE DO NOT WANT INFLATION, Mr Soros – WE cannot afford it.

And for your information, the ECB directly financing sovereign states is ILLEGAL (for GOOD REASONS). Is that ALSO too complicated for you?

“Soros said Europe faced a prolonged depression and an acrimonious end to the European unification project.”

WHAT “unification project”? Do you mean the one driven by Brussels-based zealots which NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THE 450 MILLION EUROPEAN CITIZENS HAS VOTED FOR? IS THAT THE ONE YOU MEAN?

Stick to making money on the markets and forget about the punditry – you are a fool.

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