22 Jun

Ok, he is insane and goes to a psychiatric hospital, where he gets very well fed, treated for the slightest malady, has a comfortable room with books, telly and all manner of recreational facilities, including no doubt gardens where he can stroll about, listen to the birds and smell the flowers.

What happens when he renounces his views, behaves completely normally, tends a vegetable patch, converts to Buddhism and has intelligent and rational conversations with doctors that convince them he is no longer insane? (as he isn’t in my opinion insane anyway this shouldn’t prove too difficult)

So, two years down the line a panel of doctors – perhaps reluctantly – have no choice but to decide that he is now sane and no longer a danger to the public. They can’t of course lock him up for the murders since he was (according to the experts – experts; don’t you just love ’em!) insane and not responsible at the time, so they have no choice but to let him go.

Then, a week later he is wandering round the market looking quite sanely for a fresh cabbage when he bumps into six mothers whose children were shot in cold blood three years before. I wonder if the mothers would be found insane if they cut him slowly up into small pieces and fed them to the birds? That of course would have higher insanity value than just shooting him.

A new definition of “insane” is certainly needed.

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