It’s Germany’s fault ……

01 Jun

Rubbish. The blame is NOT Germany’s but:

A) national leaders who over-borrowed and overspent, including those (all fo them actually) who BROKE THE EUROZONE RULES about debt as a ratio of GDP

B) ALL THOSE INVOLVED in setting up the euro, principally the EU elite, the people who LIED about Greece’s qualifications for entry (including Papademos, who was IN CHARGE of the Greek entry to the euro and must have KNOWN the stats were all lies)

Do you remember Germany struggling economically BEFORE the euro? DO YOU?? I do NOT.

They ONLY gave up the DM on the PROMISE that they would NEVER have to bail out the feckless, incompetent, corrupt and indeed CRETINOUS countries that have wildly overspent.

Germany’s economy powers on WHATEVER the rest of the shambolic leeches do: Germany has made a net contribution to the EU of HUN DREDS OF BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS since the 60s.


Both Germany and the UK would be far better off outside the EU. It is perfectly possible to have a decent common market without all this EU crap – Borroso, Ashton and her SIX BILLION QUID “Diplomatic Service” with 36 staff on the island of Barbados, van Rompo and Britain’s TWENTY MILLION POUNDS EACH AND EVERY WORKING DAY NET to keep them in the lifestyle they think they merit – which means salaries TWICE AS HIGH s national leaders and hardly any tax.

These people are taking the piss. Why Germany should bail out this load of tax-evading banana republics is beyond me.

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