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“Not in my lifetime”

 “There will be no eurobonds as long as I live.”

On the face of it, it’s a potty statement. OK, there’s the proverbial bus she might fall under, but surely she should have said: “As long as I am Chancellor.”

Still, nuances aside, will AT LAST Borroso get the message or try YET AGAIN with his eurobonds”?

Hollane is reported to have given up on eurobonds and now going for ‘eurobonds-lite” or “eurobonds by another name” ……

This is of course par for the course in Euroland. If it’s really a bailout but you don’t like to admit it then you call it something else and so on.

Still, Merkel and the dreaded “markets” seem to have sussed out this particular nonsense.

The thing which one struggles to understand is that Spain et al want eurobonds to bring the cost of borrowing down. A pleb would ask: “WHY DON’T YOU JUST STOP BORROWING?”

I think the answer is that they need to borrow to cover current expenditure, and if there is anything more insane than that I would really like to hear it.

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Merkel must “do something”

The Germans were doing FINE before the euro. Do you remember them struggling economically?

They were ONLY persuaded to abandon the DM on the PROMISE that this very eventuality happening now would NOT occur. STRICT rules were set up at the insistence of Germany about the ECB and the ratio of debt to GDP.

ALL THESE RULES WERE BROKEN. When France was challenged, some spokesperson said: “Those rules were designed for little countries, not those like France.”

In essence, THE GERMANS HAVE BEEN BETRAYED and are now being made into the big nasty for not bankrupting themselves by bailing out the useless, non-working, non tax-paying leeching states all around.  Germany has paid HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS NET into the poorer EU states, and STILL they want more. Greece has had MORE money pro rata than Germany under the Marshall Plan post WWII, but STILL it isn’t enough.

There is sod all sympathy here in Germany for this nonsense. The Germans BELIEVE in “Europe” and in being “good soldiers”, but NOT AT ANY INSANE PRICE. And NOBODY likes the piss being taken out of them.

Lagarde is a French political crony only placed in her position to further the French vision of the EU, i.e. where there is massive bureaucracy and Germany pays for everything. She did SOD ALL as French Finance Minister to put France’s finances right. She and Borroso should team up as a stand-up comic double-act.

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Ok, he is insane and goes to a psychiatric hospital, where he gets very well fed, treated for the slightest malady, has a comfortable room with books, telly and all manner of recreational facilities, including no doubt gardens where he can stroll about, listen to the birds and smell the flowers.

What happens when he renounces his views, behaves completely normally, tends a vegetable patch, converts to Buddhism and has intelligent and rational conversations with doctors that convince them he is no longer insane? (as he isn’t in my opinion insane anyway this shouldn’t prove too difficult)

So, two years down the line a panel of doctors – perhaps reluctantly – have no choice but to decide that he is now sane and no longer a danger to the public. They can’t of course lock him up for the murders since he was (according to the experts – experts; don’t you just love ’em!) insane and not responsible at the time, so they have no choice but to let him go.

Then, a week later he is wandering round the market looking quite sanely for a fresh cabbage when he bumps into six mothers whose children were shot in cold blood three years before. I wonder if the mothers would be found insane if they cut him slowly up into small pieces and fed them to the birds? That of course would have higher insanity value than just shooting him.

A new definition of “insane” is certainly needed.

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Letter to van Rompuy

Dear Mr Rompuy

As a European taxpayer I write in the hope that you may be able to answer some questions relating to the use of my money:

The G20 Conference

  • Can you please explain to me why you and Mr Barroso attended the G20 meeting in Mexico? The G20 is a group of states represented by Heads of State and Finance Ministers. Neither you nor Mr Borroso are Heads of State. You are functionaries. You have NO DECISION-MAKING powers. The EU is not a state. Why should the European Union be represented as a unit and not other economic groupings around the world?

  •  Can you tell me the total cost of your involvement? I know that in Brussels you have a staff of around 80 people and that you cost us well over €25 million per annum. I assume that your entire staff did not travel but would like to know how many did and what this cost us.

  • The hotel where the G20 leaders are staying is said to have suites costing up to $3,500 per night. One assumes that people like Putin and others stayed in such suites, but I would be interested to know what the arrangements for you were. Normally – these matters having a certain symbolism – one would suppose that you also enjoyed similar accommodation, or did you try to save us money by opting for something more humble? As for symbols, you are paid around TWICE as much as the British Prime Minister (and of course A) pay little tax and B) enjoy innumerable expenses), which is clearly supposed to give a subliminal – or indeed not so subliminal – message that you are twice as important. This is of course ironic insofar as you actually have no importance or relevance whatsoever.

  • Can you tell me why such a preposterously luxurious venue was chosen for leaders at a time of severe economic hardship for the people they represent?

  • Finally, can you tell me ONE SINGLE DECISION or ADVANTAGE for Europe that accrued from your presence at the G20 meeting? Is there ANYTHING WHATSOEVER that has been decided or advanced that would NOT have happened without your presence? Please do not tell me you were representing the little countries of Europe, since everyone knows that all EU decisions are basically made by Germany and France. The rest do not really count and/or are treated with contempt, especially the UK  – apart of course from its TWENTY MILLION GBP PER DAY NET which goes to pay your costs.

On a general note:

  1. Could you also tell me ONE SINGLE PRACTICAL ADVANTAGE TO THE EU that we (the taxpayers) get from your post? The EU is NOT a state and thus does NOT need a “President”. If it does, then ONE is already enough. As mentioned above, your cost to the European taxpayer is very large. Your palace in Brussels is reputed to have cost us THREE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS and counting, and I would like to know what REAL benefits the average European taxpayer gets for this absurd sum of money.

  2. While on this subject – and remembering that the EU is NOT a state – can you please tell me why there is a new Diplomatic Service headed up by Dame Ashton that has cost us SIX BILLION EUROS? All EU countries already have their own diplomatic representation, and so this EU body is utterly superfluous. The idea of spending this colossal sum on something completely unnecessary and all the more so at a time of economic meltdown is stupefyingly insane. Do you suppose that having 36 EU functionaries on the island of Barbados is in some way supposed to boost this “growth” that you are all yearning for in order to avoid the collapse of the EU? SIX BILLION EUROS could have gone a long way in training technicians to compete in the real world.

  3.  You and the EU elite are on a self-confessed mission to create a United States of Europe. You yourself have admitted this. “No small state can survive alone.” Funny that you don’t seem to know about Norway, Switzerland, Singapore and many other small states that are doing quite nicely thankyou without the insufferable bureaucracy and cost of Brussels.

Finally, this current fiasco is the result of two things:

A) the basic structure of the eurozone

  1. As it was set up, your OWN ECONOMISTS among many others told you it COULD NOT WORK. You ignored them.

  2.  Greece for a start was allowed into the eurozone on a PACK OF UTTER LIES. They NEVER met the criteria set up, even though these criteria would anyway not have been sufficient in themselves for the euro to succeed. Everyone KNEW the Greek statistics were lies, INCLUDING the then Governor of the Bank of Greece, Mr Papademos. NOBODY CARED. NOBODY RESPECTED THE RULES. You are ALL involved in a GIGANTIC lie. A lie, indeed, for which NOBODY HAS BEEN HELD TO ACCOUNT. Indeed, Mr Papademos – involved at the very centre of this lie – was later nominated by the troika to be PM of Greece, an act reminiscent of the Nazi habit of appointing Gauleiters to countries they invaded. Have you no SHAME about this, Herr van Rompuy? Do you not understand the ANGER of people like me about this?

B)    The criminal (or what should be criminal) habit of European countries to over-borrow. This crisis has NOTHING to do with banks, ratings agencies, the British, the Americans or whoever today’s convenient scapegoat is. it is primarily the fault of idiotic national governments which have ruined their countries, of which Zapatero’s is a prime example. The EU DID NOTHING TO PREVENT THIS LUNATIC BORROWING. NOTHING to sanction the countries involved. What were the highly-paid MEPs doing to publicize the insanity going on? Ten years later and ONLY NOW you start to get serious. What was the POINT of you during these ten years?

To sum up, the euro was based on an unworkable plan implemented for purely political reasons by a privileged elite which has recklessly gambled with OUR money. Yes, Mr Rompuy, OUR MONEY. It ALL COMES from US.

Given the above facts, I have been waiting for months for ONE SINGLE WORD OF APOLOGY from people like you and Mr Borroso. But there is NOTHING. All we hear are endless demands for Germany to pay for everything, combined with blame tossed around at the usual suspects, who NEVER INCLUDE the EU elite. As for the Germans, THEY HAVE PAID THEIR DUES. They have paid HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS NET into the rest of Europe over decades. To get them to abandon the Deutschmark, they were PROMISED that this fiasco would never happen and that they would NOT have to bail out reckless countries, yet you and especially Mr Barroso KEEP ON about “eurobonds” despite Frau Merkel repeatedly saying “NO”. LEAVE THE GERMANS alone. If some Greeks are now waving Nazi flags about and blaming the Germans for all this then it is YOUR FAULT. YOU engineered all this. It is UNBELIEVABLE when you consider the self-righteous arrogance of your daily utterances.

European integration of some kind is a dream which I personally favour, but the actions of you and your political cronies in the various national governments have turned it into a nightmare. Any discord now arising between EU states is YOUR FAULT. And NONE OF YOU will be held to account and NONE OF YOU seems ever likely to apologize to the MILLIONS now suffering hardship because of the combined actions of the EU elite and stupid national leaders such as Zapatero and others.

No, Mr van Rompuy, you are not worth twice the salary of the British PM. In fact,  I consider your cost to the EU to be fraudulent (though it is clearly not your fault personally – even if you seem more than happy to go along with it) and will be sending a copy of this letter to the Ombudsman, who is I believe supposed to investigate the improper use of EU funds. As I asked at the beginning, WHAT WAS THE POINT of your attendance at the G20? You have NO power of decision – it is all a massive power-building sham and fraud perpetrated on the European taxpayer. You may WISH the EU were a state, but it is NOT, and I repeat, NO SINGLE EUROPEAN HAS VOTED FOR YOUR OBSESSION, even though we are all PAYING for it.

I look forward to your response. As an EU taxpayer I feel I am entitled to know exactly how and why my money is being spent.

Yours sincerely



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Who’s to blame?

The causes of this shambles are incredibly simple:

A) Politicians are in general feckless scum. They are presumably (mostly) fairly intelligent, so they should KNOW that you can’t forever borrow more than you can be SURE to be able to repay. In the old days this was known as “living within your means”, but this is a concept very much out of fashion, especially since Brown was given the keys to our money.

DESPITE THIS, to curry favour with their troops and ensure their reelection and thus access to the goodies that go with it, they CONSTANTLY overborrow and pretend it doesn’t matter. There is also an element of cowardice here, since they cannot bring themselves to say: “No, we can’t afford that.” Of course, as far as the PIIGS are concerned, they couldn’t EVEN bring themselves to say: “No, GERMANY can’t afford that.”

This over-borrowing cannot go on for ever, but in the Brown-Zapatero-Burlesqueonly era (not to be confused with the Dinosaur era, even if it felt a bit like it) the feckless, self-deluded and lying scum masquerading as “leaders” went totally OTT, thus leaving their countries in massive debt.

B) Many of the plebs (though not including those who said this would all end in tears and for their pains were often labelled by the unintelligentsia as “idiots”), connived in this delusional bingeing and gobbled up in their greed whatever apparent German-financed freebies that were on offer, such as retiring at 45, passing on your pensions to relatives when you died, having a so-called job for life, working 3 hours a day and so on (see Greece).

C) ERGO, as follows from the above, this crisis is NOT the fault of the following usual and convenient scapegoats, who have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT:

  • capitalism

  • the banks

  • the ratings agencies

  • the Americans

  • the British

  • not borrowing enough (this is Hollande’s current suspect, which I think you have to admit is quite funny in the circumstances – his remedy is like giving a drunk a full whiskey bottle.)

Nope – much as the usual suspects would like to blame any of the above except the political scum that have landed us in this mess, it won’t wash. The crisis is caused by MASSIVE indebtedness thanks UNIQUELY to those who had the power to borrow insane amounts to provide “their” people with “benefits” and sod the cost today since “Someone else will pay tomorrow (proably the Germans).”

Whether one blames the plebs who keep on electing idiots to govern them is a moot point. After all, once you start blaming the plebs for things then the leaders are let off the hook, which is of course where they belong.

Brown, Zapatero, Berlusconi and the sordid bunch of misfits running Greece for decades (and now releected HA HA) left their countries in tatters. But as is so often the case, instead of the real guilty being slung in jail to rot they are all free to enjoy their vast pensions while – for example – the plebs of Greece (not entirely innocent it must be said) cannot get medical treatment.

Please stop blaming anyone but the politicians; it really is a bit silly.

PS It is true that the EU elite are equally lying and quasi-fascist scum, but it is the NATIONAL LEADERS who have allowed them to get away with their particular brand of insanity. Had the national leaders any balls, they would have said “NO” to the vast salaries (TWICE those of national leaders for the EU elite) and perks, to Dame Ashton’s SIX BILLION QUID Diplomatic Service, to Van Rompo’s THREE HUNDRED MILLION EURO palace in Brussels – but they DIDN’T, and they STILL DON’T. While Europe is in financial meltdown the EU wants even MORE money from us to “invest” – no doubt in Spanish airports. Did you clock that Spain has TWICE AS MANY AIRPORTS AS GERMANY? Brilliant.

But will Merkel et al say “NO” to the EU? I doubt it. Any “NO” to the EU provokes an accusation of being “un European” (Britain’s usual role)

Potty. And it’s not over yet. In fact, it is going to get worse.

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“Total Emergency”??

Spain is in total emergency”

The usual hyper-inflation of terminology.

“Total emergency” was the Spanish Civil War. This current spot of fiscal turbulence is a self-inflicted economic crisis caused by greed, reckless, arrogant, short-term and utterly incompetent government.

It is also something that could be relatively short-lived once the lunatic euro straitjacket has been cast off.

Spain should leave the eurozone and go its way as before. All eurozone countries are worse off than before the euro. Germany is better, but then so it was before the euro.

Still too much self-denial, lying, doom-mongering and wishful-thinking.

Not all are “in denial”. The Germans aren’t; they simply don’t want their money going down a bottomless pit. Some will blame them; I don’t.

If there were any justice then Jacques Delors and the rest of the EU elite responsible for this reckless use of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY would be locked up. However, there IS no justice – except if I go out a nick a DVD-recorder. Then we’d see the law come down hard, but not on those who against all expert advice recklessly brought about this crisis.

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It’s Germany’s fault ……

Rubbish. The blame is NOT Germany’s but:

A) national leaders who over-borrowed and overspent, including those (all fo them actually) who BROKE THE EUROZONE RULES about debt as a ratio of GDP

B) ALL THOSE INVOLVED in setting up the euro, principally the EU elite, the people who LIED about Greece’s qualifications for entry (including Papademos, who was IN CHARGE of the Greek entry to the euro and must have KNOWN the stats were all lies)

Do you remember Germany struggling economically BEFORE the euro? DO YOU?? I do NOT.

They ONLY gave up the DM on the PROMISE that they would NEVER have to bail out the feckless, incompetent, corrupt and indeed CRETINOUS countries that have wildly overspent.

Germany’s economy powers on WHATEVER the rest of the shambolic leeches do: Germany has made a net contribution to the EU of HUN DREDS OF BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS since the 60s.


Both Germany and the UK would be far better off outside the EU. It is perfectly possible to have a decent common market without all this EU crap – Borroso, Ashton and her SIX BILLION QUID “Diplomatic Service” with 36 staff on the island of Barbados, van Rompo and Britain’s TWENTY MILLION POUNDS EACH AND EVERY WORKING DAY NET to keep them in the lifestyle they think they merit – which means salaries TWICE AS HIGH s national leaders and hardly any tax.

These people are taking the piss. Why Germany should bail out this load of tax-evading banana republics is beyond me.

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