Let’s Break the Law, shall we?

25 May

I’ve just realized something that seems to have gone unnoticed.

A) Some months ago, the UK and The Czech Republic refused to sign the Fiscal Pact and thus submit an element of control over their finances to an extermal power. This was the so-called Cameron veto.

B) Though without effect (what a surprise there …) the UK got a tsunami of insults and slagging-off from the core-EU powers – we were (are) selfish, un-European and so on.

C) NOW the French President wants to rip up the pact that Sarko signed. This is in essence the SAME STANCE that wse took, but WHERE IS THE MUD-SLINGING that we were subject to

Funny old world, innit.

OH – Hollande et al want the Germans to mutualize debt by issuing eurobonds. That is is AGAINST THE GERMAN CONSTITUTION – or if you prefer it in blunt language – ILLEGAL.

C) He also wants the ECB to give money directly to governments. That is AGAINST the ECB rules.

So, the new white knight of Europe wants two totally illegal acts to be committed.

Well done, Sir. A jolly good start. He is of course supported by the EU establishment, especially ex-Trotskyist Borroso ….

What a load of utter tossers they are.

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