EuroFarce Round-up

23 May
  • Lagarde AGAIN! “She added that “somebody has to pay the price” of Greece’s unmanageable debts.”

    This staggering assumption – WHY must “someone pay”? And if she is right, then the CREDITORS must pay. Does she live in a parallel universe?

    I think what she means is “Totally innocent plebs must pay.” Yes, that’s about it.

  • “Michael Meister, a member of Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party, said there was nothing to stop France and Italy from going it alone on common bonds.”

    This would be great. Franco-Italian Bonds. (FIBS)

    And why not  Spanish, Portuguese, Irish and Greek Bonds bonds? (SPIGBOS).

    They could be created in their millions and go immediately to junk status to save time …..

    But poor old Herr Meister just doesn’t get it. The only POINT of “eurobonds” is to get your grubby hands on German money ……

  • “Worryingly, new French President François Hollande

    says he’s unaware of any memo asking countries to develop a contingency plan
    at all.”

    ????!!!!?? Any government NOT making contingency plans for a Greek exit for MONTHS now is three legs short of a table. Why the HELL do they need a MEMO?

    Hollande is turning out to be a serial buffoon.

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