Lagarde spouts on … and on

22 May

Is it the IMF’s job to keep pontificating to sovereign countries what they should do?

This is now typical of these institutions; they VASTLY exceed their remits.

Lagarde? French Finance Minister under the useless tosser Chirac. Does she have any credibility?


– has not set a balanced budget for nearly 40 years
– is massively in debt
– has govt spending of 56% of GDP
– is the most highly-taxed country in the EU
– has endemic unemployment of near 10%, good or bad times
– has enormous costs for employers
– is in constant decline in competitivity compared to Germany
– is ruled now by a goverment that thinks working fewer hours per week and employing more civil servants is a solution to their economic and employment problems

and so on

This woman has no sense of irony or of her own ridiculousness.

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