22 May

“Everything must be done to help Greece.” (Francois Hollande)

OK Mr Flanby, WHAT?

OH – get the Germans to underwrite all their debt? Great.

Perhaps France itself would like to give them tens of billions? OH, I forgot – you are already MANY TENS OF BILLIONS in debt YOURSELF, so much so that you are no longer AAA rated.

Why is it that NOBODY is willing to put their OWN house in order but has PLENTY of advice on how Germany should spend its money – which actually IT hasn’t got EITHER?

Lewis Carroll could NEVER have dreamed up anything as surreal as this.

PS France COULD HAVE HELPED Greece a decade ago by:

A) Not going wildly over the agreed debt limit of 3% of GDP and then when challenged saying “That rule was designed for little countries.” and

B) not allowing your banks to make silly loans to Greece that  a MORON could have known they would NEVER be able to repay.

Still – keep talking long enough and you might eventually say something useful.

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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in European Union


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