Why don’t the Germans tell the EU to sod off?

07 May

It is the WW guilt, upon which France is only too keen to play. It’s very subtle, however, in contrast to those Greeks who – having sucked from a German teat for years – now accuse them of being Nazis for putting on the brake and demanding – WHAT NERVE – that Greeks pay their debts.

BUT – if Germany ever gets over the wars, then it’s a different ball game. The “Germans” are great people and there is no danger whatsoever of history being repeated (The UK could ALSO have had its own Hitler in different conditions.), but they might at some stage simply refuse to let themselves be milked. After all, ALL THOSE GUILTY ARE LONG DEAD.

Germans have now been NET contributors to “Europe” for DECADES. HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of German marks and euros have gone to pay for the EU, French farmers, infrastructure in Southern Europe etc. They didn’t HAVE to do this. They did it because of A) guilt and B) a genuine neighbourliness, especially that of the strong for its weaker brothers.

BUT – someone somewhere ALWAYS takes generosity for granted and abuses it. The Germans are getting close to the point where their largesse is being abused. The unelected Trotskyist Boringoso demands “eurobonds”. This is code for: “Let the Germans take on all the debt.”

Sorry Fatso, WHY THE HELL SHOULD THEY. YOU racked up the debt. YOU lived wildly beyond your means. “We will help, but UP TO A POINT.”

As for the usual analysis of why Germany went along with the creation of the eurozone, I believe it to be wrong. The Germans were quite happy with the DM. They did VERY WELL with the DM. It increased in value year-on-year because of the quality of their economy and goods. They did not want to give up the DM, but were persuaded to so so by others who played the “If you don’t, then you are un-European; you haven’t REALLY changed.” card. And the Germans were PROMISED that this shambles WOULD NOT HAPPEN. It was the ONLY way they could be persuaded to give up the DM.

This stuff about Germany needing the euro is utter rubbish. Do you remember Germany struggling BEFORE the euro? I don’t. It’s more EU-fanatic psychops – or if you prefer in layman’s language, lying bollocks from the EU Propaganda Office, of which Goebbels himself would have been proud.


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2 responses to “Why don’t the Germans tell the EU to sod off?

  1. sara0902

    May 11, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    You don’t remember Germany struggling before the budget because German debt was waived after WWII when they were given a chance to redeem themselves.

    You’re argument of Germany contributing billions out of guilt and neighbourliness is weak. The fact of the matter is they were out to make a tidy profit, and they did, on the lack of savviness of some of the less experienced nations with wealth, such as Ireland, Greece etc.

    I am not blaming Germany at all, but I think it’s very naive and small minded to believe they are some kind of super-people which seems to be you’re underlying ethos. They are not greater than any other people, nor worse.

    We were all in a union together, for better or worse, proper rules weren’t put in place, figures weren’t monitored by authorities, it’s everyone’s fault but us on the ground and now we all have to pay for the mistakes of others.

    As an Irish person, I’m not proud of the previous Irish government’s actions, nor those of the banks, but as a European I’m not proud of the people who took advantage of certain opportunities which immorally lined their pockets, or the scheming capitalist ideas which led to the fall of certain nations.

    Ireland never should have met such wealth with money they didn’t own. Greece never should have worked so little and paid themselves so much. But Germany never should have lent and invested and bought bought and all the rest, in all of the fallen economies before they collapsed. Everyone wants to be rich, don’t act like Germany aren’t a part of this.

  2. Chris Snuggs

    May 11, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Hi – thanks for the comment …..

    Well, Germany long ago repaid its debt. ALL those responsible for the war are dead and since 1945 Germany has paid billions if not trillions to the rest of Europe.

    As for making a profit on the Greeks et al, LOTS of people involved have been extremely greedy. However, I repeat that Germany was doing fine WITHOUT the euro for DECADES and did not want as a whole to give up the DM. The euro was FOIST on Germany by the eurofanatics, including a number of elite Germans. As I said, at the time of the euro launch the Germans were PROMISED they would not be put in the positon they are now – utterly predictably – in.

    I am British but live in Germany. I do not take kindly to the view that I should contribute to bailing out feckless and greedy incompetents all over Southern Europe. The utter venal imbecility and recklessness of the Greeks et al is absoltuely clear. In this life one should PAY ONES DUES. The eurofanatics are all too keen that SOMEONE ELSE should pay their dues for them.

    I am sorry for the plebs in the affected countries. They have been stitched up by their own elites. As for Ireland, I believe the Teasioch or however you spell it was the FOURTH HIGHEST PAID NATIONAL LEADER IN THE WORLD. He – and people like Zapatero of Spain and the eurofanatics of Brussels – THESE are the people responsible for the shambles.

    Now I hear that I am to be subjected to higher inflation rates to help out the others. Sorry, but sympathy is running short. I ALSO do NOT want to be part of a European superstate. It is UNMANDATED and IDIOTIC. As for the euro, the EU’s own economists TOLD them it couldn’t work, but they WENT ON ANYWAY.

    NONE of those responsible are doing prison time as they should be. What are the former Irish govt ministers doing? Living off fat, index-linked pensions no doubt. The WHOLE of the European political elite is corrupt. Just one example, Jacques Chirac stole MILLIONS over DECADES from the taxpayer, and has finally got a TWO-MONTH SUSPENDED SENTENCE. WOW …… These people are all scum and I will not help to bail them out. As for the plebs, they should – as in Greece (but they may be thwarted) rise up and throw out both the euro, the EU and their own venal and cretinous politicians.

    As you can see, I am quite angry at this utter betrayal of the peoples of Europe.


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