Sarko Complains of Press Bias

05 May

I agree with Sarko; the press bias has been appalling.

Just to take one example, we have not had repeated reminders of how Sarko’s party SINCE IT CAME INTO POWER has NEVER, EVER SET A BALANCED BUDGET.

In other words, for ALL of the last 15 years France has been living way beyond its means. The bias of not hammering this message home has been really terrible.

Agreed, the previous lot were just as bad, but as with Mrs T, you can’t blame everything on what some other lot did 20 years ago.

Then there is the horrendous bias of not reminding the French plebs at every turn that their government spends FIFTY-SIX PER CENT OF GDP on its own spending, with humungous waste. The Senate alone cost over TWO BILLION EUROS PER YEAR. And why does EVERY PREFECT have to have his own private Chef?

Enormous bias has also been clear from the failure to attack Sarko’s lot for having brought NO DISCERNABLE STRUCTURAL REFORMS to France since it entered power. He like Chirac has done almost NOTHING to fix the huge structural, economic and financial problems.

True, Sarko seems to have been convinced recently – as French banks were about to collapse through lunatic loans to Greece – but IT’S TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, MATEY.

So, as for BIAS, YOU GOT OFF LIGHTLY OLD SON ……. still, never mind, as an ex-President you get protection for life and 20,000€ per month pension. Not all bad news, then. And of course you can rewrite history when you do your memoirs.

And there’s a BONUS down the line ….. when the French economy collapses completely under the Socialists’ insane spending (I mean, even INSANER than your lot’s), the sheer lack of any real and lasting achievement on your part will look a bit more rosy in comparison.


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