04 May

The analysis is clear, but what is the SOLUTION?

These people have the POWER. Just like the EU – they have subverted democracy to their own ends.

I actually wonder if it isn’t all a Machiavellian plot. Treat us with such contempt that in the end – punch-drunk – we just can’t be bothered and retreat to the shells of our family and clan. Then of course they play on the mass-psychosis of “We can’t do anything anyway.”

Which of course is TRUE as long as ignorance and apathy reigns – as it does … UNTIL things get so bad that we revolt.

We always DO revolt in the end, but things have to get REALLY bad first, because basically we are hard-working, civilised people who believe in “democracy”. THAT TOO, the powers depend on. The problem is that too few people see how the democratic system has been abused.

 However, there is also the old English saying: “The worm has turned.” As a well-qualified worm, I feel myself very close to the turning point ……

As I said yesterday, the ONLY winner when nearly SEVEN IN TEN people just can’t be bothered is fascism. WHICH LEADER SAID ….?

“Results when the vast majority of people don’t vote are meaningless – just like union block votes or those where only the 200 vote out of  the 10,000 in the union ……”

NONE OF THEM …… All Clegg can say is that he is “sad”, NOT for democracy, but for the party cronies who’ve lost their seats.


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One response to “TURNOUT = 32%

  1. darrell

    May 29, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Who is the brotherhood?
    I am not quite clear who am to be brother to!
    Let me know and I may brother up to you.


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