Sarko v Mr Blobby

03 May

“We’ve shackled ourselves to a corpse.” (Daniel Hannan)

Worse than that Daniel – at least a corpse can’t tax you – or indeed swamp you with brainless speeches about “eurobonds”, “fiscal union” or the crisis “being over”. (Which reminds me – Boringoso has been quiet lately? Has he blown a fuse?)

The “corpse” is in fact a powerful and rapacious out-of-control zombie with a one-track mind. And it is not a human zombie either but one previously known as Frankenstein’s Monster Mark II.

The arrogance, incompetence and recklessness involved in this shambles is stupefying.

Sarko at best managed a draw with Mr Blancmange last night, so the latter will surely win the Presidential election. In which case, it’s Goodnight Paris …….

…. from which the ashes of something saner might emerge,

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