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“Little Englanders”, Mr Clarke?

According to Ken Clarke, anyone demanding a referendum is a “nationalistic Little Englander”.

What a complete and utter tosser. If he thinks that anti-EU feeling is confined to “little Englanders” it only confirms the utter moronicity of a man inbued with a smug, sneering and arrogance-laden self-righteousness that one could not possibly make up.I am ferociously anti-EU as it now operates, so let’s see if I qualify as a “nationalistic Little Englander”.

– I am British and worked 20 years in the UK.
– I lived and worked 10 years in France.
– I now live and work in Germany.
– My first wife is Spanish; my second German.
– I have three Anglo-Spanish daughters, one Anglo-German son and two German-French stepsons.
– I speak 4 European languages and my wife 3.
– I can*’t see myself returning to live in the UK.

So, “Little Englander”, I hardly think so. Actually, I am an archetypical European, which is therefore how I see myslf. I have no special allegiance to any country, though Germany where I now live seems to be one fo the few which is standing firm against lunacy.

Yes, I am PRO-EUROPEAN, but the EU is a quasi-fascist organisation riddled with waste and corruption. I am all for European collaboration but not under this nasty, grasping, kleptomaniac and generally scummy international quango.

The UK pays TWENTY MILLION GBP PER DAY NET to the EU. For this they get:

– unelected bureaucrats earning twice that of any national leader plus as much in expenses
– a SIX BILLION EURO AND COUNTING and totally FATUOUS EU Diplomatic service led by the sureally-pathetic Dame Ashton
– MEPs who get hundreds of extra euros JUST FOR TURNING UP TO PARLIAMENT – even then they turn up, sign on for their appearance money and then bugger off
– VAST sums spent on expenses, including special and very expensive schools for EU staff
– horrendous waste on all kinds of lunatic projects (SEE SPAIN and the infrastructure to nowhere)

and so on.

EU fascist? They ousted TWO democratically-elected national leaders and replaced whem with ex-Goldman-Sachs & ECB cronies, one of whom is a proven LIAR. FOR THIS ALONE THEY SHOULD BE LOCKED UP.

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“The first thing that needs to happen, in his view, is for the European Central Bank to start behaving and acting like a proper central bank, and to provide the liquidity to sovereign bond markets which markets are denying.”


Is this SO difficult for these idiots? What he wants is NEITHER what ANYONE voted for (HA HA) NOR even what the crypto-fascist EU elite managed to impose on the EU nor indeed what any national government signed up to – even if they generally ignore their constituents.


GO TO HELL YOU MORON. This crisis was caused by people like you who seem to think the law is your plaything to achieve your personal agenda.

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As Spain wobbles ….

Only Germany can save Europe from this insanity. For the moment, Merkel et al are holding firm against the lunatic calls for money-printing, and I am impressed.

However, she is politically weakening internally (stuff the Franco-German alliance – if Hollande wants to bankrupt France, that’s his problem), so how long this can go on is unclear. What IS clear is that if Germany KEEPS to this policy the euro will collapse.

It is equally clear that if this happens:

A) The exiting countries will relatively soon get back on their feet. (see Argentina in the 90s)

B) Germany will have to take a lot of mud-slinging, including the usual Nazi accusations.

C) The power of the EU elite will be much reduced THANK GOD and we will concentrate more on the FREE MARKET stuff which is the ONLY THING that the UK in particular signed up to.

D) Germany will power on regardless as it always has since the war.

E) A much-needed dose of reality will wash over Europe as we confront the masssive issues looming up on the horizon.

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Let’s Break the Law, shall we?

I’ve just realized something that seems to have gone unnoticed.

A) Some months ago, the UK and The Czech Republic refused to sign the Fiscal Pact and thus submit an element of control over their finances to an extermal power. This was the so-called Cameron veto.

B) Though without effect (what a surprise there …) the UK got a tsunami of insults and slagging-off from the core-EU powers – we were (are) selfish, un-European and so on.

C) NOW the French President wants to rip up the pact that Sarko signed. This is in essence the SAME STANCE that wse took, but WHERE IS THE MUD-SLINGING that we were subject to

Funny old world, innit.

OH – Hollande et al want the Germans to mutualize debt by issuing eurobonds. That is is AGAINST THE GERMAN CONSTITUTION – or if you prefer it in blunt language – ILLEGAL.

C) He also wants the ECB to give money directly to governments. That is AGAINST the ECB rules.

So, the new white knight of Europe wants two totally illegal acts to be committed.

Well done, Sir. A jolly good start. He is of course supported by the EU establishment, especially ex-Trotskyist Borroso ….

What a load of utter tossers they are.

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EuroFarce Round-up

  • Lagarde AGAIN! “She added that “somebody has to pay the price” of Greece’s unmanageable debts.”

    This staggering assumption – WHY must “someone pay”? And if she is right, then the CREDITORS must pay. Does she live in a parallel universe?

    I think what she means is “Totally innocent plebs must pay.” Yes, that’s about it.

  • “Michael Meister, a member of Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party, said there was nothing to stop France and Italy from going it alone on common bonds.”

    This would be great. Franco-Italian Bonds. (FIBS)

    And why not  Spanish, Portuguese, Irish and Greek Bonds bonds? (SPIGBOS).

    They could be created in their millions and go immediately to junk status to save time …..

    But poor old Herr Meister just doesn’t get it. The only POINT of “eurobonds” is to get your grubby hands on German money ……

  • “Worryingly, new French President François Hollande

    says he’s unaware of any memo asking countries to develop a contingency plan
    at all.”

    ????!!!!?? Any government NOT making contingency plans for a Greek exit for MONTHS now is three legs short of a table. Why the HELL do they need a MEMO?

    Hollande is turning out to be a serial buffoon.

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Prisoners Can Vote ……

More lunacy. Could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

A) If you break the law then presumably you disagree with it.

B) The law is made by Parliament.

C) Voters elect the parliament.

D) ERGO, to give prisoners the vote is giving people who don’t agree with the law the right to vote to make it.

And presumably, if the prison population exceeds that of non-prisoners, the former could then vote laws to imprison the innocent?

The whole thing is surreally insane. Is there NO government with the guts to stop this nonsense?

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Lagarde spouts on … and on

Is it the IMF’s job to keep pontificating to sovereign countries what they should do?

This is now typical of these institutions; they VASTLY exceed their remits.

Lagarde? French Finance Minister under the useless tosser Chirac. Does she have any credibility?


– has not set a balanced budget for nearly 40 years
– is massively in debt
– has govt spending of 56% of GDP
– is the most highly-taxed country in the EU
– has endemic unemployment of near 10%, good or bad times
– has enormous costs for employers
– is in constant decline in competitivity compared to Germany
– is ruled now by a goverment that thinks working fewer hours per week and employing more civil servants is a solution to their economic and employment problems

and so on

This woman has no sense of irony or of her own ridiculousness.

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