28 Apr
If he doesn’t sort the EU out he’s had it.
These cretins now want a SEVEN PER CENT INCREASE, at a time when THANKS TO THEM (plus the lunatic Zapatero of course) HALF of Spain’s workforce is UNEMPLOYED.
Meanwhile we have – just for example – TEN BILLION QUID more to spend to comply with yet another EU directive – on cookies. Yes, cookies are irritating sometimes, but manageable. I CERTAINLY don’t want TEN BILLION QUID spent on some ludicrous EU system.
Oh – the top people in the EU are paid TWICE OR MORE as much as most national leaders, PLUS vast benefits and pay LITTLE TAX. Is Dame Ashton TWICE AS IMPORTANT AS YOU, DAVE? That of course is the not so subliminal MESSAGE to the plebs in awarding themselves vast salaries. “Golly!! Van Rompo is paid THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS AND LIVES IN A PALACE THAT COST THREE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS, so HE MUST BE IMPORTANT.”
Whereas in FACT if he disappeared tomorrow NOBODY outside Brussels would notice and NOTHING would be lost – ON THE CONTRARY we could have out BILLIONS back.
This is all LEGALISED THEFT, Mr Cameron. Sort it out – tell them to GET LOST.
Oh, and if you have any time left, sort out INFRASTRUCTURE (The Heathrow situation is ludicrous – FORTY YEARS or more successive governments have failed to prioritise this problem . Do you WANT us to lose our place in the international world? The CITY will be next at this rate.), PENSIONS, HOUSING, LUNATIC BENEFITS INCLUDING TO IMMIGRATION, the ISLAMISATION of large areas, “FAITH SCHOOLS”, THE NHS (Why do we have to doctor to the world?), EDUCATION, the ARMED FORCES (do we have functioning aircraft carriers with planes or not? I can’t keep up), USELESS AND UNWANTED AID TO INDIA and ALL THE REST OF THE SHAMBLES ….
Nobody says it’s easy given the lunatic bunch that preceded you, but you did tell us you would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ALL, didn’t you? That’s why we VOTED for you, isn’t it?

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2 responses to “SORT IT OUT DAVE … OR ELSE

  1. Dr Mary Cowling

    May 6, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Excellent summary of what Dave must do – but won’t. He’s sucked too deep into the exclusive EU politicos club that allows him to posture prominently on the world stage, and blinds him to the fury mounting against him in his own country (in which he has little or no interest). Problem is, he knows that he is right, and that we are wrong about everything that really matters to us. Everything will be fine, if we all learn to listen to him and accept what he says – like the fact that it’s a good thing for Muslim Turkey to join the EU. Email him about this and marvel at the breathtaking lies and obfuscation that are trotted out in defence of this outrageous proposal. He seriously believes that he knows better than we do, and will be taken by surprise when fighting in the streets actually starts – and it will – unless the whole Euro projects .implodes.

    Congratulations on your on-going exposure ot the EU monster and its lying, sponging, thieving politicians and other superfluous non-functionaries.

  2. Chris Snuggs

    May 8, 2012 at 10:55 am

    WOW – strong stuff, but I agree. What is worrying is that Europe is extraordinarily fractured at present, both within nations and internationally.

    I am a great believer in the theory: “What can be abused, will be abused.”

    And democracy ITSELF (or at least the form we have of it) is being abused.


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