The State …..

26 Apr

The “state”?

ANY organism’s first instinct is to thrive and GET BIGGER. This applies to companies of course and ALSO STATES.

The French state has done especially well at this modern version of “survival of the fittest”. As it has the power to take our money it has got bigger and bigger until the point where 56% of French GDP is spent on the state.

Had there been an unlimited supply of money and thus no crisis this would no doubt have continued until the state owned and dominated everything, with half the population working on Health & Safety Committees and the like or printing leaflets telling us how to live.

Fortunately, vast and bloated organisms usually die out from general excess and corruption, as of course happens with empires on a regular basis.

We can only hope the French state (and it is not alone) will eventually implode under its own vast gravity and disappear up its own black hole, leaving us to create something better having learned the lessons of the past …

Sorry – I put that last bit in as a joke …….

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