20 Apr

It’s in UK’s interest to increase
funding to IMF, says Christine Lagarde

Any self-respecting crony of the French elite will do his or her best to screw dosh out of anyone else to bail out a bunch of quasi-fasist and incompetent home-politicians and bankers, including in her OWN country of which she was FINANCE MINISTER (did a great job there, then) and which HAS NOT SET A BALANCED BUDGET SINCE 1974 or earlier = THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS = HAS BEEN LIVING BEYOND ITS MEANS FOR  DECADES.

Did the French plebs ASK you to sdo that? NO, I THOUGHT NOT.

The plebs of Europe WERE NEVER ASKED if they wanted Greece et al to enter the euro ON THE BASIS OF LIES. They were NEVER ASKED if they wanted their governments to build up vast debt. They were never asked if they wanted their governments to bail out their own GREEDY AND IDIOTIC BANKS.

When we DO get asked we say “NO” ( and then ignored), because collectively we are more intelligent than the pillocks currently running Europe, who are pouring TRILLIONS of OUR MONEY into propping up the FAILED EURO which is destroying half the economies of Europe, aided and abetted by their own leaders’ lunacy of course.

Lagarde is a bag of self-righteous pontificating wind. Why YET ANOTHER FRENCH PERSON was made head of the IMF is a disgrace. Get it through your head, Madame, we DO NOT WANT to pour good money after bad. Greece et al defaulting is the BEST LONG-TERM SOLUTION for them AND for everyone else. The onlysolution to this is for Germany to agree to eurobonds, full fiscal and inevitably political union and of course to paying everyone else’s debts. Is that supposed to be FAIR to the Germans? Is it part of your deliberate ploy to FORCE the political union that NOBODY HAS VOTED FOR?

We KNOW the way you think. The new EU museum in Brussels (don’t ask the cost – it’s only money) glorifies the EU as having “saved” Europe. Sod the Anglo-Saxons who liberated your OWN country from its fascist Vichy government. The Yanks don’t get a mention, despite facing down the Soviets for decades.

You have NO RIGHT to keep demanding and spending OUR MONEY – not YOURS, OURS – on your own lunatic mission to create the United States of Europe. WWII was NOT a “civil war” as you tell young kids in your museum.

The main reason Europe is in long-term decline is the Franco-Bruxellian high-tax, high-regulation, sod-the-plebs statist mindset which is suffocating us. SORT YOURSELF OUT.

And stop this Armageddon doom-mongering. “Without the euro, Europe is destroyed.” Have you noticed the non-euro countries being destroyed? Norway, the UK, Switzerland and the rest? Or indeed Singapore and other states not burdened by horrendous waste and strangulation from Brussels and its THREE HUNRDRED THOUSAND EUROS PER YEAR plus LITTLE TAX and VAST EXPENSES for Borroso, Rumpo and that fatuous and useless Ashton woman running the luidicrous SIX BILLION EURO EU “diplomatic service”. (Pls list the REAL, PRACTICAL benefits to us of this surreally-insane project that WE are paying for.)



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2 responses to “IT’S THAT WOMAN AGAIN

  1. Jason Aris

    April 20, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Chris agree 100% there is no way out than as individuals packing up and escaping too… well I don’t know where as the whole globe is engulfed with this nonsense

  2. Chris Snuggs

    April 20, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I am puzzled because A) All this is pretty self-evident but B) Cameron doesn’t seem to react, any more than the rest of them except UKIP of course. Is he waiting till UKIP cause the Tories to lose to Labour at the next election? Is anyone advising him?

    The only bright spot is that the EU’s sucess in manipulating governments and MEPs’ success in milking the gravy train are becoming so blatant and venal that one day it must surely blow up in their faces.

    Twenty million quid a day for this nonsense is surreal; AND they want another 7% on their budget!


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