The true awfulness of Sarkozy (apart from Libya)

16 Apr

Flailing around desperately in the hope of avoiding a humiliating dumping by the French plebs Sarko is now bashing the ECB.

Funny that – for YEARS there was silence and SUDDENLY – 10 days before the election – he has realized that the ECB is the problem.  This weaselly squirming is pretty nauseating of course, particularly as it seems to show that he thinks the public are idiots.

Well, some of us probably are – after all, we elected him in the first place. However, he has been a major player of a party leading France for the last18 years or so, during which FRANCE HAS NEVER SET A BALANCED BUDGET. Now this arrogant twerp wants Germany to bail him out.

The fact are that NO voter asked his governments to:

  • constantly spend more than the country’s income

  • ignore the warnings of reputed economists about the possibility of monetary union working

  • let Greece into the euro on a pack of LIES

  • wilfully ignore the rules set up regarding debt v GDP

  • when questioned about exceeding the 3% rule say that “the rule was designed for little countries, not those like France”

  • tolerate French banks making vast and idiotic loans to Greece

  • accept the stupefying statism and high taxation which are degrading France’s economy

The whole euro sandcastle is based on lies, arrogance, incoherence and incompetence and it must fail.

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