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If he doesn’t sort the EU out he’s had it.
These cretins now want a SEVEN PER CENT INCREASE, at a time when THANKS TO THEM (plus the lunatic Zapatero of course) HALF of Spain’s workforce is UNEMPLOYED.
Meanwhile we have – just for example – TEN BILLION QUID more to spend to comply with yet another EU directive – on cookies. Yes, cookies are irritating sometimes, but manageable. I CERTAINLY don’t want TEN BILLION QUID spent on some ludicrous EU system.
Oh – the top people in the EU are paid TWICE OR MORE as much as most national leaders, PLUS vast benefits and pay LITTLE TAX. Is Dame Ashton TWICE AS IMPORTANT AS YOU, DAVE? That of course is the not so subliminal MESSAGE to the plebs in awarding themselves vast salaries. “Golly!! Van Rompo is paid THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS AND LIVES IN A PALACE THAT COST THREE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS, so HE MUST BE IMPORTANT.”
Whereas in FACT if he disappeared tomorrow NOBODY outside Brussels would notice and NOTHING would be lost – ON THE CONTRARY we could have out BILLIONS back.
This is all LEGALISED THEFT, Mr Cameron. Sort it out – tell them to GET LOST.
Oh, and if you have any time left, sort out INFRASTRUCTURE (The Heathrow situation is ludicrous – FORTY YEARS or more successive governments have failed to prioritise this problem . Do you WANT us to lose our place in the international world? The CITY will be next at this rate.), PENSIONS, HOUSING, LUNATIC BENEFITS INCLUDING TO IMMIGRATION, the ISLAMISATION of large areas, “FAITH SCHOOLS”, THE NHS (Why do we have to doctor to the world?), EDUCATION, the ARMED FORCES (do we have functioning aircraft carriers with planes or not? I can’t keep up), USELESS AND UNWANTED AID TO INDIA and ALL THE REST OF THE SHAMBLES ….
Nobody says it’s easy given the lunatic bunch that preceded you, but you did tell us you would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ALL, didn’t you? That’s why we VOTED for you, isn’t it?

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The State …..

The “state”?

ANY organism’s first instinct is to thrive and GET BIGGER. This applies to companies of course and ALSO STATES.

The French state has done especially well at this modern version of “survival of the fittest”. As it has the power to take our money it has got bigger and bigger until the point where 56% of French GDP is spent on the state.

Had there been an unlimited supply of money and thus no crisis this would no doubt have continued until the state owned and dominated everything, with half the population working on Health & Safety Committees and the like or printing leaflets telling us how to live.

Fortunately, vast and bloated organisms usually die out from general excess and corruption, as of course happens with empires on a regular basis.

We can only hope the French state (and it is not alone) will eventually implode under its own vast gravity and disappear up its own black hole, leaving us to create something better having learned the lessons of the past …

Sorry – I put that last bit in as a joke …….

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Weep for France …..

One can see a horrendous mess in every direction, but we should be looking more at France just at the moment.  They may be our favourite enemy but they don’t deserve the shambles their elite has landed them in, and besides, hundreds of thousands of Brits live there and our relations are very important.

If Hollande wins, he will surely bankrupt the country. There are comments below about the folly of govt spending being over 50% of GDP. Well, France’s is already 56%, and that tends to RISE in a recession as govt income falls and benefits go up. Despite this, Holland is promising to “create” tens of thousands more jobs and there is little sign of any commitment to freeing up business from the horrendous bureaucracy and “job-protection” which actually DESTROYS jobs.

He will also renegotiate the fiscal pact leading to a crisis with Germany AND one of confidence on the part of the loan sharks who (BY OUR OWN FAULT, NOT THEIRS) we are in hock to. This would surely lead to a collapse of the euro but Germany would leave the euro first rather than be sucked down by the moribund – oder?

If Sarko wins, he is so detested by the left and lots of others there will surely be civil strife as he has to either impose even harsher austerity OR see the French economy in freefall – given their high debt and govt spending. Cutting back France’s govt spending is going to be extremely painful as it involves sacking loads of civil servants.

The lunacy of nearly FORTY YEARS of living beyond their means thanks to German EU dosh is coming round to hit them. I really can’t see any way out except post-war austerity and misery plus a large dose of civil disorder. Can anyone else?

The elephant in the corner is extremism rising out of all this; it’s not as if we haven’t seen this phenomenon before …….


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UKIP and the Tories

Forget UKIP says d’Ancona

This is truly BIZARRE. The clear and growing support for UKIP is sending the Tories a message. If they follow this writer’s advice and IGNORE this message, they are doomed.

The EU is clearly completely insane – seized by an overwhelming but utterly misguided sense of its own importance.

The latest insanity is the demnand for a SEVEN PER CENT INCREASE in its budget. When:

– there is austerity left, right and centre and extreme pain felt by many
– the EU’s salaries and benefits are ALREADY obscene: WHY are Borroso, van Rompo & Ashton worth three hundred thousand euros of our money plus as much again in expenses? WHY have WE spend THREE HUNDRED MILLION on a new Presidential palace for van Rompo?
– the waste is horrendous – what IS the point of this six billion euro diplomatic service? The EU is NOT a country, and it is THEFT to spend OUR money in pretending that it IS.

Many usual Tories (ME for a start) are fed up to the back teeth with our constant caving in to this insanity. Does the writer think that by ignoring UKIP the Tories can make it go away?

Complete and utter pillock.

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“UKIP doesn’t have a grassroots and has to fight to keep the loonies out. Wavering Tories should be careful.”

Loonies? You mean, those currently in the Labour and Tory party?

All parties have loonies. Labour even had one leading the party. I shouldn’t worry too much – as long as we non-loonies continue to outnumber the rest.

Though how long that will be is a moot point ….. lunacy seems to be catching ….. I wonder where the writer picked it up?

Still, good to know the “Politics for Idiots” book is doing well. First lesson – if any political opponent is a threat, label them as loonies. Yup – that’s about it.



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It’s in UK’s interest to increase
funding to IMF, says Christine Lagarde

Any self-respecting crony of the French elite will do his or her best to screw dosh out of anyone else to bail out a bunch of quasi-fasist and incompetent home-politicians and bankers, including in her OWN country of which she was FINANCE MINISTER (did a great job there, then) and which HAS NOT SET A BALANCED BUDGET SINCE 1974 or earlier = THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS = HAS BEEN LIVING BEYOND ITS MEANS FOR  DECADES.

Did the French plebs ASK you to sdo that? NO, I THOUGHT NOT.

The plebs of Europe WERE NEVER ASKED if they wanted Greece et al to enter the euro ON THE BASIS OF LIES. They were NEVER ASKED if they wanted their governments to build up vast debt. They were never asked if they wanted their governments to bail out their own GREEDY AND IDIOTIC BANKS.

When we DO get asked we say “NO” ( and then ignored), because collectively we are more intelligent than the pillocks currently running Europe, who are pouring TRILLIONS of OUR MONEY into propping up the FAILED EURO which is destroying half the economies of Europe, aided and abetted by their own leaders’ lunacy of course.

Lagarde is a bag of self-righteous pontificating wind. Why YET ANOTHER FRENCH PERSON was made head of the IMF is a disgrace. Get it through your head, Madame, we DO NOT WANT to pour good money after bad. Greece et al defaulting is the BEST LONG-TERM SOLUTION for them AND for everyone else. The onlysolution to this is for Germany to agree to eurobonds, full fiscal and inevitably political union and of course to paying everyone else’s debts. Is that supposed to be FAIR to the Germans? Is it part of your deliberate ploy to FORCE the political union that NOBODY HAS VOTED FOR?

We KNOW the way you think. The new EU museum in Brussels (don’t ask the cost – it’s only money) glorifies the EU as having “saved” Europe. Sod the Anglo-Saxons who liberated your OWN country from its fascist Vichy government. The Yanks don’t get a mention, despite facing down the Soviets for decades.

You have NO RIGHT to keep demanding and spending OUR MONEY – not YOURS, OURS – on your own lunatic mission to create the United States of Europe. WWII was NOT a “civil war” as you tell young kids in your museum.

The main reason Europe is in long-term decline is the Franco-Bruxellian high-tax, high-regulation, sod-the-plebs statist mindset which is suffocating us. SORT YOURSELF OUT.

And stop this Armageddon doom-mongering. “Without the euro, Europe is destroyed.” Have you noticed the non-euro countries being destroyed? Norway, the UK, Switzerland and the rest? Or indeed Singapore and other states not burdened by horrendous waste and strangulation from Brussels and its THREE HUNRDRED THOUSAND EUROS PER YEAR plus LITTLE TAX and VAST EXPENSES for Borroso, Rumpo and that fatuous and useless Ashton woman running the luidicrous SIX BILLION EURO EU “diplomatic service”. (Pls list the REAL, PRACTICAL benefits to us of this surreally-insane project that WE are paying for.)



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George Soros: The euro threatens to destroy the European Union and, with the best of intentions, the leaders are leading Europe to its ruin by trying to impose inappropriate rules

Well, he may be clever enough to become rich but in other ways he is an idiot. Stong words? Let’s see:

“The euro threatens to destroy the European Union and, with the best of intentions, the leaders are leading Europe to its ruin by trying to impose inappropriate rules.”

This really IS idiotic. Is he quoting from Boringoso? The worst-case scenario is that the euro collapses and we return to what we were, a productive, collaborative and cooperative market of individual states. Why do these people forget that a good number of EU members are not even IN the bloody euro?

What does he mean “destroy the European Union”? Only the Russians could have done that, and the Yanks deterred them – not that the EU would give them any thanks.

Of course there will be a period of economic turbulence if not chaos but THERE IS THIS ALREADY, and it is NOT because of the euro per se but because of states’ RECKLESS BORROWING.

There was in fact NO PROBLEM before the euro, only SINCE it. You might have imagined an intelligent person to be able to grasp this bleedin’ obvious fact, but maybe Soros has gone Brussels-native. Their mantra from the beginning has been “WITHOUT THE EURO, ARMAGEDDON.”


It is ALL based on LIES. I have listened to French presidential candidates recently. Almost all bang on about the financiers and the markets being to blame.  NO THEY ARE NOT. It is the fault of governments’ over-borrowing. France has not set a balanced budget for DONKEY’S YEARS. This is all an ENORMOUS CON being put on the people of Europe by the elite, which has its own political agenda.

GET LOST SOROS – you are talking RUBBISH. AND NO, GERMANY IS NOT GOING TO BAIL OUT THE WHOLE SORDID MESS. The Germans were LIED TO when the euro started. They have been CONNED like the rest of us.

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