09 Mar

The short-termist lunacy of the EU is staggering. Europe has MASSIVE problems of industrial imbalance and appalling bureaucracy, not to mention the high taxation and – despite this vast govt income – vast debt. Has anyone SEEN what happened to Japan? Their depression lasted TEN YEARS. How the hell Portugal is going to escape insolvency is beyond me. As is why the Greek colonels haven’t staged a coup.

Hollande seems likely to win the French election, tear up the Merkozy agreements and plunge France into further vast debt by “creating” (you have to laugh) tens of thousands of new jobs in the public sector.

Batten down the hatches … especially when the Iran War starts and the oil price rockets. Planting potatoes might be a good idea.

PS re Merkozy, the open support of Merkel for Sarkonerd is stupefying. You NEVER openly support a politician for election in another country.

A) Many French people are going to be very irritated at a foreigner sticking their nose in, and so the “support” will backfire anyway.

B) If you back the wrong horse, your relationship with tne NEW one will be scarred.

On the other side, Sarkonerd’s crass lurch to the right and slagging off of immigrants is such blatant electioneering and thus treating the electorate like idiots that that seems sure to backfire as well.

Do we REALLY deserve this level of mediocrity in our leaders?

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