03 Mar

What is going on in the world of the Idiots?

  • At a time of hand-wringing about the danger of fossil fuels and the rocketing price of oil Britain’s nuclear power industry is being run down – from 10 reactors now there will remain just one in 2022. So, whereas nuclear energy has safely supplemented Britain’s traditional power supplies for decades NOW when the technology is presumably much safer it is being ended so that we can depend more on imported shale gas.
  • Two Rumanians stole 50,000 GNP worth of lead from a church roof but have been given a “community service” order instead of being sent to jail. As they have “no means” (God only knows where the 50,000 has gone) they do not have to pay a penny compensation. So much for deterrent.
  • The protection being given to this fundamentalist idiot who wants to blow us all up is costing the taxpayer 10,000 GBP per week.
  • The very day after the majority of the EU signs up to the Franco-German “Fiscal stability pact” Diktat (remembering that France and Germany were the FIRST to break the original eurozone agreement on debt) Spain announces that it will not obey it. We await the next action of the EU-Inquisition.
  • Draghi is turning out to be  major disaster, printing money as if there were no tomorrow and flooding the banking system with it. European banks are dumping their toxic assets onto the ECB (Germany), loans to small businesses continue to stagnate and massive problems are being built up for later on ….. nothing new there, then. Germans and others are being taken for a ride as they will have to pay for all this sometime down the road. As the ECB actions are being done with sophisticated, complicated and fraudulent cunning the average pleb has not yet realized the reckless folly being dumped on him by this criminal political elite.
  • The vicious, theocratic, fascist and regional trouble-stirring regime in Iran (greatest supporter of the mass-murdering Assad family despot dynasty now apparently intent on “reform” – a great contender for “Joke of the Century”) continues to have supporters among the British unintelligentsia for no good reason other than that it is all the fault of the USA.
  • Witchcraft, torture and murder in the UK – another immigrant import. Thanks for that.
  • Chelsea’s Villas-Boas is a bit of an idiot, no? Constantly blabbing off to the press about not being married to Lampard, being about to get the sack, washing his club’s dirty linen in public. Still, he seems to understand something about finance. “We can’t compete with City who can buy all the best players.” REALLY! What a surprise!! But it’s “Sport” old boy – as long as you remember that. And will Abramo be pleased to be reminded that even his billions aren’t enough ……. perhaps they’ll get into a bidding war like Rangers and Glasgow and ALL go bust …. then I can get back to supporting Hull and Wigan with some chance of success for my team.

Some good news among the idiocy. Francois Hollande is doing OK in the French election as Sarko has to take refuge in a bar to avoid being beaten up. “It could only happen in France.” Yes, Mr Boring should win the election, will rip up the fiscal-stability pack and thrust it up a German orifice. Then he will “create” (I so love this word of socialists) n thousands of new jobs, France will go bankrupt and the whole shoddy EU edifice will collapse in a pile of puterfying detritus-ridden corruption – no doubt with Mrs Thatcher and the USA getting the blame somewhere along the line.

And van Rompo will lose his 300,000 € per annum plus vast expenses job and 300,000,000€ Brussels palace. Perhaps they can turn it into a hostel for unemployed bankers to prevent them chucking themselves out of skyscraper windows and messing up the streets.



2 responses to “IDIOCYWATCH

  1. Patti Lee Salter

    March 3, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Love your blogs, you hit the nail on the head every time 🙂

  2. Chris Snuggs

    March 4, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Too kind, Patti ….. but the problem is, does anyone in the political elite care enough to do anything?


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