26 Feb


The NET result of the foaming,  hysteria against this workfare project is that:

A) thousands of people on benefits who might have got out of the house to do something useful won’t, but will remain at home or kicking around the streets picking up their benefits ad infinitum for doing nothing.

B) a proportion of those thousands will not be offered a job at the end of their placements as their might have had a chance of being had the companies involved not caved in to the baying, self-righteous “leftist” “human rights – we hate ‘capitalists’ brigade.


But it all reveals a deeper malaise, all this idiotic public v private lunacy.

The fact of the matter is:

A) All those in the public sector are (unless employed by councils as “Diversity Officers”, hands-off “managers” and similar bollocks) doing something to fulfil a public NEED. They are working FOR the public directly.

B) All those in the prvate sector are working because someone is trying to make money by fulfilling OTHER kinds of need. By so doing, they pay TAX which finances all those working in the public sector. In other words, the nasty, greedy, capitalist urge to employ people to make money both provides goods and services that people THEMSELVES decide they want and/or need AND pays all the money for those PUBLIC services that some government or council DECIDES on their behalf they need or want, whether they REALLY need or want it at all.

Ergo, the eternal lunatic leftist foaming of “private bad – public good” is ludicrous. We really ARE “all in this together”. No doubt some would like the economy to be run entirely by and for the “public.” Well, it’s been tried in various places. IT DOES NOT WORK. Not only does it not work; it leads to poverty and misery – and of course in the case of Cuba – happiness, but Cuba is a special case as we know. The point is, that a private company providing goods and/or services that people REALLY want is ALSO WORKING “FOR THE PUBLIC”. Why there are some who simply cannot grasp this bleedin’ obvious fact is a mystery.

As for ABUSE, it happens in both public AND private sectors. The only difference is that in the private sector it tends to get exposed and corrected more often than in the public sector, where waste, corrruption and inefficiency often become endemic and institutionalised.

The great problem in the world is greed, both for money and for power over other people, and in many cases over other people’s minds (see Iran, NK etc). US society is disintegrating because of it. ANY government’s prime duties is to root it out. Brown not only did not root it out; he encouraged it – some of course would say just as Thatcher did.

However, a certain amount of “greed” is desirable. It produces the ambition to work hard to improve one’s lot, without which THERE ARE NO PROFITS TO PAY FOR YOUR BELOVED PUBLIC SERVICES. As ever, it is when things are taken to EXCESS that there are problems.


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