Is Cuba a Dictatorship?

16 Feb

When will you accept that the political system in Cuba (which you call a Dictatorship) is more democratic than most self-proclaimed democracies?

When there is respect for the UN Charter of Human Rights in “free association”, meaning the right to form political groups opposed to the ruling clique and when ordinary people have a say in a secret and fair ballot in the choice of party and/or leader of their country.

The fact that other countries may have defective democracies does not by any sort of contrast or comparison you care to make have any relevance to and/or justification for what happens in Cuba. Having a secret vote as described above is a sine qua non, even if other elements are desirable if not equally essential.

This isn’t complicated, though apparently many continue to struggle with it.

As for your “When I am convinced ….” the intellectual poverty of this argument is breathtaking. If a feeble-minded person watched the North Korean army goose-stepping around and/or thousands of flower-garlanded kids strutting about in perfect formation on the Day of National Celebration then that same feeble-minded person might also be “convinced” that the regime had mass support. Perhaps it does, since they have been brainwashed for 60 years since the Yanks gave up trying to free them in the face of the opposing support of our current best trading partner and the country to which the French IMF stooge Lagarde and others are currently holding out the begging bowl.

Your “convictions” are worthless. I believe Gaddafi was convinced of his people’s love. “The people love me,” he said. HILARIOUS! When you have a ruling clique then the people have no CHOICE,

Dictatorship? not complicated – from Merrien-Webster.

A) a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique

B) a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated

The Cuban dictatorship may be even considerably (as I acknowledge) more benign than some we could mention. You are of course even  free to argue that the USA is an effective dictatorship of the rich and powerful. Fine. But as I have said, what happens in country A) is not related to how it is in country B) and evil though country B) might be that does not justify not doing it right in country A).

Sorry if this is all too logical for some people who of course are happier with their convictions rather than actual fact.

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