13 Feb


1) It’s only money – we can always print, borrow or tax more of it.

2) It’s not OUR OWN money, so the cost of anything whatsoever is irrelevant.

3) ergo (The GPB&BP is nothing if not logical) Any old ludicrous contract we sign mortgaging the future is irrelevant.

4) We must keep our chaps onside, so we’ll pay OTT to all civil servants, doctors, senior judges etc, including insane pensions and bonuses.

5) By the time this lunacy is found out, we’ll be departed on our index-linked pensions probably running some Brussels Commission or international quango as a “statesman”, or in Blair’s case giving speeches and advising people on how to lie convincingly.

WELL DONE LABOUR.   From “The Telegraph”:

Executives at Royal Mail, which is still publicly owned, could be in line for some of the biggest “performance awards” in the coming months. Last year, Moya Greene, the chief executive, was given £142,000 in addition to her £498,000 basic salary.

Ministers are thought to have been angered by the refusal of some senior Whitehall officials to waive their “contractual” right to bonuses this year. However, in many government departments, contracts agreed by the previous Labour administration are being renegotiated, giving the Coalition an opportunity to intervene. In several departments and public bodies, at least the top quarter of workers automatically qualify for performance-related payments. (Ed. WHATEVER THEIR “PERFORMANCE”)

One Whitehall source said: “Thousands of public sector workers now basically expect to receive a bonus every year regardless of how well they perform. “The whole system has got completely out of kilter. It’s about time it is addressed.”

It is understood that one area of concern is the payment of bonuses to doctors and other medical professionals.The Department of Health recently disclosed that some of its staff receive lucrative “clinical excellence awards” which are automatically paid each year. One Department of Health official received a payment worth £75,796 last year. More than 18 others received more than £35,000 each.

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