13 Feb

Greece is going well. The political elite that got their country into this shambles have agreed to massive austerity and misery for their people to save the eurozone. But, MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, they have signed pledges that NO FUTURE GOVERNMENT of the country will be able to CHANGE the decision they took last night.

One has to ask therefore what is the POINT of a future general election in Greece, since the elected parliament will not be able to decide on the most critical aspect of Greece’s future.

THIS IS THE WAY THE EU FUNCTIONS, just as they dumped the elected Greek PM in favour of a lying EU/ECB/G-S technocrat.

Of course, one might say that these written pledges have about as much valaditity as one of Brown’s predictions about “growth”. We’ll see.

Oh, and the cunning plan of Germany is that the Greeks won’t even SEE any of the bailout money. This will go DIRECT to the creditors so that none of it can disappear into the Greek economic black hole. Greece will still eventually default, but AT LEAST THE GERMAN TAXPAYERS WILL HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF PAYING OFF THEIR IDIOTIC BANKS THAT OVERLENT TO GREECE; Isn’t that comforting?

ONLY THE TAXPAYER is the loser. Now WHERE have I heard that before?

All of this is frankly disgusting and quasi-fascist, but most people don’t seem bothered much. England v France is much more important than democracy in Europe of course.

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