05 Feb

AID: Apparently India ASKED us to stop giving them the ONE BILLION of aid but we insisted on continuing it even though they can afford nuclear weapons and one of the world’s most sophisticated aircraft. Well done chaps in the HOC. The Indians don’t want our peanuts but apparently it makes us feel moral to force it on them. Still, giving 30,000 GBP in benefits to a Rumanian immigrant also seems to make us feel moral. No wonder 10% of the Rumanian population is flocking to Britain to bathe in the glow of this wondrous morality.

ARMS: The only reason the Indians preferred the Rafale is apparently becuse it has loads of weapons that the eurofighter hasn’t yet got (because we can’t afford them – a bit like the aircraft-carriers with no planes, which I at first thought was a joke) and though we promise it will have them by 2018 the Indians don’t believe us …….

WHIPLASH: The UK is apparently the whiplash champion of the world with 1500 claims per day, even though most cars now have head restraints and many of these claims are for “accidents” happening at less than 5 mph. In Germany, you cannot make a whiplash claim for any “crash” under this speed, though I suppose introducing this in the UK would simply mean that the criminals staging these accidents would only make sure the speeds were higher. Apparently the Transport Minister is “going to do something” about this ludicrous situation. Locking up for 10 years hard labour on the Mull of Kintyre a few of the fraudulent doctors certifying these whiplash claims might help. Where is Fatso Clarke when you need him? Probably working out how many prisoners he’s going to free before they’ve done half their sentence.

LIB-DEMS: One newspaper article claimed that more Lib-Dems would like to be like Chris Huhne. Well, at least politics is funny. Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty, but as far as MPs are concerned it might be more realistic to make up a new law saying that they are all guilty until proven innocent. I did note that Huhne is described as being “very clever”, which of course just goes to show tht cleverness per se can be overrated. And getting your wife to lie for you to the Old Bill and then unceremoniously dumping her isn’t really THAT clever, is it? Meanwhile, 100 Tories are revolting over absurdly-high subsidies to solar energy firms and Osborne comes out with this surreally-ludicrous piece of blue-rinse insanity: “We’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business,” the Chancellor declared. “So let’s at the very least resolve that we’re going to cut our carbon emissions no slower but also no faster than our fellow countries in Europe.” How are the wind turbines doing in this weather by the way? When it snows do the blades fling off snow all around? Must be fun for the kids.

Oh, David Laws is predicted to return soon, public memories of stealing their money reckoned to last no more than a year or so (He resigned as chief secretary to the Treasury in May 2010 after it emerged he had used taxpayer-funded allowances to pay some £40,000 in rent to his partner.) No wonder Mandelscum was able to resign twice for wrong-doing but still get a plum job in Brussels and now return as a Lord. Can anyone name me ONE BENEFIT that has accrued to Britain for the 100,000 GBP plus and counting that is paid for Scummy to do his Lording? Just ONE?

The IMF (aka extension of the French Finance Ministry): wants billions more to bail out the euro and those nasty, evil capitalist Tories are trying to block this so the money can be spent on our own immigrants and aid to India. Pretty beastly. How selfish can you get? After all, the fact that A) the euro is based on lunatic economics, a pack of lies and an undemocratic obsession with creating a United States of Europe, B) the sooner it collapses so that it can be reformed the better and C) the UK is already as near bankrupt as Brown could manage is neither here nor there. What is Little Ed’s policy on this, BTW? I’m not up to speed on that, though usually it is whatever is opposed to the Tories.

MT: Oxford dons are apparently objecting to a new facility being named after the Iron Lady, even though that’s what the 15 million GBP donor wants. You must be well off if you are prepared to turn down vast sums out of political spite. And of course, the fact that the British electorate voted her in three times doesn’t count – anyone who votes Tory is perforce insane. Mind you, the same goes for Blair, so perhaps we ARE insane. On the other hand, a minority voted for Brown, so that diminishes the insanity quotient a tad.

RELIGION: Apparently, Bishops now feel it is now necessary to start a campaign for the right of people to wear a crucifix. How things have changed since the Spanish Inquisition. I can’t see any objection to crosses, as long as they don’t totally obscure the face of course. Ugly though some faces may be, I still feel one should be able to see faces of one’s fellow man – or rather woman.

SYRIA: The fascist regime now has the green light from two of the world’s other nastiest regimes to continue massacring Syrians. Next step is probably the carpet-bombing of the usual cities: Homs, Daraa, Hama – actually, just about anywhere. Time to feed arms into the country so the people can defend themselves – a bit like Cuba tried with Columbia of course, except that that was only to subject the people to more dictatorship. Which reminds me, what is Cuba’s take on the UN resolution? I must do some research.

CRICKET: The Pakistanis have clearly doctored the pitch as well as the ball. When we bat it turns and fizzes all over the place but when they bat it’s as docile as a sleeping cow. How do they do that? I have a large bet on KP getting out for under 10 runs. Not very good odds at around 5,000 to 1 on, but still pretty good value.

RUGGER: Murrayfield is never exactly a doddle even though the Scots are more fearsome with a claymore and haggis in their hands. So, well done to the untried, unknown bunch of youngsters who proved they can at least defend well. Didn’t see a lot of fizzing threes action though. Still, a win is a win by any other name.

Have a good day – let’s hope that by the end of it that A) the Israelis haven’t yet attacked Iran B) Assad hasn’t wiped out another city C) the Russians haven’t sent an armoured brigade to “defend Syria’s sovereignty” D)loads more Tibetan monks haven’t set fire to themselves in protest at the ethnic-swamping of their country by our major trading partners and E) various motley EU nincompoops haven’t announced that a Greek debt deal is nearly done – as it has been for the past two months.

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