03 Feb

Unresearched and Fallacious Rant of the Day

Well, another event-filled day. I note that the ECC (Evil Capitalist Coalition) is planning to give more rights to fathers to see their kids. Long overdue of course, though 13 years weren’t enough for Labour to get around to it.

Minibruder has turned into a latter-day Wilberforce battling nobly on our behalf to rein in Fat Cat bonuses. This is despite the fact that the GPB&BP (Great People’s Binge and Bust Party) spent 13 long years (and it seemed even longer of course) removing regulations from banking, indulging in a surreal borrowing binge, ignoring the vastly-increasing wealth-gap including banking bonuses and EVEN (HILARIOUSLY) drawing up and signing the contract by which Mr Hester was to have milked up to FIFTY MILLION QUID from the public for rescuing the RBS – which of course has suddenly overnight metamorphosed into something nasty and horribly immoral.

Yes, throughout this entire period of Blair-Brown feuding, lies and incompetence, not one peep was heard from the now evangelistic Minibrain about any of it. No doubt he mightily approved of Mandelscum’s “I don’t mind if people get filthy rich.” What happened? Did he wander into a cave somewhere and have a vision from the Archangel Gabriel?

You only have to look at this cynical U-turn designed to catch the public mood and earn him short-term headlines as a true English dragon-slayer to see the shoddy, cynical, short-termism mindset into which politics has sunk. Or perhaps it was ever so.

BUT, there is wonderful news for the unintelligentsia. A Canadian “research” team has concluded that Conservatives tend to be less intelligent than those of leftish orientation. WONDERFUL. Some brilliant quotes:

Conservative politics work almost as a ‘gateway’ into prejudice against others, say the Canadian academics.’Individuals with lower cognitive abilities may gravitate towards more socially conservative right-wing ideologies that maintain the status quo.

Great stuff. Isn’t research wonderfu!! I must give it a go one day. But Conservatives of course will generally be too thick to understand “cognitive” and “gravitate” I do wish these people would use shorter words.

“The authors claim that there is a strong correlation between low intelligence both as a child and an adult, and right-wing politics.” The authors also claim that conservative politics is part of a complex relationship that leads people to become prejudices (sic).

BUT – and it’s a big one – fortunately, intelligent, non-prejudiced Conservatives and thick, racist Socialists have a get-out clause, since:

‘Clearly, however, all socially conservative people are not prejudiced, and all prejudiced persons are not conservative.’

WHEW! That’s a relief. This accounts for the idiocy of quite a few of those on the left. Strange how they all seem to herd together and end up in the GPB&BP!

There you go, Michael! Wonderful what a bit of “research” can come up with. I had doubted the value of research of course, but this is gripping stuff. I wonder if they got an EU grant?

FACEBOOK – in the news of course, and I was struck by this:

“People with low self-esteem who sign up to Facebook often end up over-sharing personal information and moaning, which irritates their existing friends, according to Canadian researchers.”

Indeed. People always moaning and irritating their friends are to be both excoriated and pitied simultaneously. Still, I do post the odd joke now and then, and anyway, this theory is only important if you have any friends to start with. But my gut instinct (sorry – no research; my gut is all you’ve got to go on) is that Facebook may soon peak as a passing fad. Everything has its day and eventually fades into the dust.

I note that this report is from Canadians once again. I didn’t know they were so much into research!!  Researchers on every corner so it seems. Of course, no Great People’s Binge and Bust Party, but you can’t have everything.

The Concordia sinking. Oh dear – the Captain’s woes continue. Just when his wife sticks up for him to the hilt it emerges that this dishy singer/dancer he had on the bridge while he was showing off his “How close can I whizz past the rocks?” skills was using the Captain’s suitcase to store her knickers in. Funny that – it looks such a big boat; you’d have thought they’d have more storage space. I wonder how wifey is going to react to this. “Don’t kick a man when he’s down.” Indeed – tell that to the drowned passengers trapped in their cabins far below deck.

Great headline in the Daily Grail: foreigners, welfare state abuse, landlords – all in one economical package.

“Latvian landlady with £1.1m property empire fleeced £33,000 in benefits after claiming she was unemployed”

Still, no doubt unresearched prejudiced rubbish – and it’s only money.

Chris Huhne? A double dose of good news of course:

A) One of the pillocks running the country bites the dust:

B) There is sometimes justice.

The problem for Cleggo is to find someone of Huhne’s calibre to replace him. I’ve sent the former a note, however. My old Gran in the Dementia Care Home has some time spare just now. And does this mean we get a break from vast taxes on energy to save the world unilaterally by building wind-turbines just when China is opening one coal-fired power stattion per week? I hope so.

Have a good day.

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