07 Jan

Well, a quick trawl of the meedja brings up a couple of early-morning classics:

“Labour misses one open goal after another against the most incompetent government in living memory. “

AMAZING! Ms Toynbee can’t even remember the last Labour government, let alone those of Wilson and Callaghan. Those are still in “living memory”, surely? I can still remember them, and as far as I know I am still living, though some might disagree about the brain. Speaking of which, as the Mail and others have just pointed out, the brain does begin to deteriorate at a younger age than was once thought, so that might explain it. But she got the first bit of her quote right at least. A Labour supporter half-right is definitely progress.

Then there was this:

“Allowing the destruction of the euro is to risk the destruction of Europe. Those who destroy Europe and the euro will bear responsibility for the resurgence of conflict and division on our continent. The euro is the heart of Europe. If the euro is destroyed, it’s the whole of Europe that goes up in smoke. If Europe goes up in smoke it’s the peace of our continent that will be one day or another be called into question,”

Anyone who can out-doom me must be doing well. However, one would normally expect a “statesman” to avoid such gibberish. Perhaps this is another person whose memory is challenged. Was he even alive during the forty or so years of peace, prosperity and stability in Europe WITHOUT the sodding euro? Or has he been dumped on France by aliens?

And apart from anything else, has he not noticed the division now afflicting Europe BECAUSE of the euro? As for “the destruction of Europe”, does he mean more bombing of Dresden and so on? I hope not, though Freiburg is not a military town. Even so, once there is no euro who can say that another Bomber Harris will not start dropping bombs on us once again, though I’m not sure we still have any bombers. (Funny how I can be “us” and “we” when referring to two different countries!) No, Snarlychops is truly beyond reason. Let’s hope the French socialists put Snarlkozy out of our misery in the coming election. Of course, then we’ll have another kind of misery, but almost anything is better than these apocalyptic Snarlkozyisms.

Ed Minibrain and the “Blackbusters” cock-up? He should think himself lucky it wasn’t “Blackbastards” …..

Wayne Rooney? Well, he was crap in two World cups even if playing for two utterly crap managers who – despite this supreme crappiness – were paid half a million quid per month (Why do people get so het up about bankers when this sort of lunacy is going on all over the place?) Given that his build seems to be the type that can fast balloon he really needs to get a grip. And the euphemisms are brilliant:

“He didn’t train well.” = “He turned up bleary-eyed and stumbled about puffing like an old steam-train.”

Today’s prediction quiz: “Will the euro last longer than Rooney at United?”

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One response to “TODAY IN THE NEWS

  1. what_happens_now

    January 7, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Toynbee is the worst of the worst, dressed up as an experienced, intelligent journalist. Her arguments are based at best on half-truths, and more usually on irrationality and outright lies – but sadly, she believes what she writes. It is amazing that many of her criticisms apply equally to the last government, but because now we apparently have the ‘evil Tories’ she recycles the same invective and nonsense she was using in the early 1990s.
    Let’s hope, with its falling readership, that the Guardian goes down sooner rather than later. If that happens, drinks are on me – in fact I think I’ll hold a party.
    Thanks for the blog.


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