Cuba mourns Kim Jung-Il

22 Dec

“Cuba declares three days of mourning for North Korean leader, while Nicaragua, Venezuela and President Mugabe loyalists express sorrow too.”

North Korea being hardly better than a giant concentration camp of brainwashed and starved humans counts for little then in this Cuban assessment of the defunct leader? So much for the New Dawn in the Cuban dictatorship. Plus ca change ….

We know well from experience that there are no depths of depravity or insanity to which even outwardly “normal” people can descend, but even to the sheer surreality of such behaviour still has the power to shock.

What is the take of the resident Cuba-lovers on this latest obscenity against the Human Spirit?

Still, the fact that the power of life or death over millions of North Koreans and the finger on a nuclear bomb threatening millions of others now rests in the hands of a four-star child general shows the lunacy of Human development. Any visiting alien would almost certainly decide to put this sick species out of its misery and eliminate it as a danger to the rest of the universe.

Meanwhile, we await Christmas to play with our Chinese plastic bits and then the sales to get our hands on cheap electrical goodies made in China, the country that totally sustains North Korea – its socialist brother alongside Cuba – in the interests of “stability”. Oh yes, that much-cherished “stability” and “order”.

Must stop – have to go and vomit.

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