Today’s Siesta

17 Dec

I had a siesta this afternoon. Normally a fairly unexciting event …. However, today I had a nightmare, which went like this:

Young Snarlychops met with Merkel and said: “Look Panzerbum, we have a choice. Either Italy is going to default tomorrow OR you let the ECB print loads a dosh to fix the problem ……. If Italy goes down, then so do most of the rest, including France. You have no choice.”

She ruminated for a few seconds, then turned to her Chief of Staff and said “GO, GO ….”

…. and off he went, and off went the printing presses, Draghi having committed suicide, and lorries full of nice new “money” sped down the autobahn to Rome, whence it was transferred to numerous creditors, thus leading to the abandonment of any reforms in Italy, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and indeed France,where the end of the hated austerity measures was applauded by all and Merkozy became continental heroes for saving Europe…….

The printing continued merrily; the vastly-endebted multitudes were relieved that Germany had at last come good. But then, almost overnight, inflation shot up, and up, and up …… and the euro descended at the same speed in the opposite direction ……. fuel rocketed in price, as did anything imported, including food. Riots broke out all over the Continent; millions joined right-wing parties. Armies were deployed to shoot rioters. Posters of Hitler started appearing in Germany.

Appalling financial collapse, loss of savings and vast increase in unemployment were seen everywhere; nationalist groups were everywhere in the ascendency. The German National Front was attracting millions to its ralllies under its dynamic new young leader. Turks were being attacked and driven to emigrate back to Turkey. Arabs were suffering the same fate in France …. then the German government fell and the Far Right seized control. Its first act was to announce that Germany would build its own atomic weapons, at which point Russian tanks began massing along the Polish border, provoking the USA to issue a declaration that any invasion by Russia would be met with the full force of what was left of NATO, with no options left off the table, hardly any US ground forces being left in Europe ……. Putin declared he would restore the USSR to its former glory; millions began to flee the border areas, ….

…. and then I woke up ……..

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