France loses the plot

17 Dec

“Angela Merkel telephoned the Prime Minister yesterday morning and the German foreign minister will visit London on Monday, amid growing European disquiet over the behaviour of senior French figures in recent days.”

No Ed and Cleggo (What a fine matching-pair they would have made),  Cameron’s “Nein Danke” was not “posturing” but a well-judged and totally, utterly and completely democratic decision to keep out of a desperate, rushed and ultimately silly last-chance not-so-cunning plan cooked up by angry (Merkel), desperate (Snarlkozy) and incompetent third-rate European politicians and EU officials to save their misguided euro “let’s create a superstate even though no bastard has actually voted for it” project?

What a nice XMAS present if France went straight from AAA to C+ ……. that would be a real hoot. They’d have to get Blair in to spin that one, probably involving claims of an Anglo-Saxon CIA-run plot. But they deserve it. Apparently, their much-trumpeted years-too-late “austerity programme” consists almost entirely of entrepreneur-bashing tax increases and NO cuts in government expenditure.

And this in a country where A) the tax take is already about 50% of an ordinary person’s income and B) the civil service is the biggest per capita in Europe. I can sense a new book genesising in the “Idiot’s Guide” series: “How to ruin an economy”, by the French elite with Special Advisor Gordon “Where-is-he-now?” Brown.

In Sarko’s place I would confiscate Chirac’s ill-gotten gains to keep the country solvent for a few more days, including the chateau which he apparently bought dirt-cheap and had renovated at public expense as a piece of heritage. Yet the French public still have a soft spot for our Jacques, even though his list of real, lasting and structural achievements for France is immeasurable, given that you cannot measure something that does not exist.

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