Iraq, Libya, Russia and the value of keeping “order”

16 Dec

Iraq? With SH, there was no hope for freedom or any kind of human rights, which we normally make such a fuss about; without him, there is some hope – quite a lot in fact in the long term. Same with any despot, and the idea that overthrowing a despot means immediate positive benefits everywhere is rather silly. Most of them so ruin their countries that it takes decades to put right the damage, particular that to people’s minds – though of course religion is far worse.

Despite these bleedin’ obvious truths, many people still – somewhat bizarrely – prefer a despot for the one thing they bring, “order”. Quite true, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, SH, Gaddafi, Assad et al brought a lot of “order”. In Iraq, for example, when the Kurds threatened to spoil the “order” by fighting for basic human rights SH restored it by murdering several hundred thousand of them, including 5,000 by gas in one village alone. Still, “order” is certainly worth paying a heavy price for, isn’t it, especially if someone else is paying it.

Putin is supposed to have brought “order” to Russia. He has certainly organised an orderly separation of society into stinking rich and the rest, the latter group being subject to endless corruption and oppression by Putin’s family, the police state services he worked for. I wake up each day determined to be jolly, and then I watch Putin on telly, for example. I defy anyone to remain jolly after that. What a total and abject failure this man is in terms of the human spirit. Tens of thousands of protesters are apparently inspired and indeed paid for by “the west”.

The similarity between him, Assad and Gaddafi is staggering, but of course the despot’s favourite ploy is to blame his despottery on someone else. One day the % of the masses who see through this in fact pretty bleedin’ obvious demagogery will be high enough to swamp the despots’ forces and bring universal freedom. In the meantime, Russians have to wait once again for things to get so bad that enough people have nothing left to lose by revolting and we have yet another revolution. What a silly and pointless merry-go-round, and one that has been turning for millenia. All that one can hope for is that with each successive revolution things end up being slightly less bad than they were before.

A propos that, I am not sure that Labour are yet slightly less worse than under Brown ….. though the LIb-Dems are so surreally awful that one’s attention has been somewhat distracted from the Labour shambles under Ed the Terrible. To think that in one’s yoof one was inspired by these great parties ….. Oh dear, it’s a funny old world.

Getting back to the prized “order”, perhaps Britain also needs a “stong man” to bring this about? Who should be our role model? Genghis Khan?, Assad? Putin? Gaddafi? The latter was good for a giggle, wasn’t he – holding his umbrella out of the car window and so on – and that uniform with all those medals won in campaigns massacring helpless prisoners and the like. Still, as with Mussolini, or even Hitler ranting away at Nuremburg, if you were going to have a giggle and of course admire “order” then ’twere best to be in another country far away while doing it.

As for Putin, he may have underestimated – as several Arab leaders clearly did – the power of the internet to help the masses organise themselves. His surreally-fascist telly rant against the protesters was so appalling that I would imagine the latter will now be inspired to have another go. His typical despotic sneering against his detractors (even more magnificently demonstrated by the Gaddafi sproglet’s description of the revolting masses as “rats” to be exterminated) was so appalling that he may well find the next protest double in size, and then we get into an endless escalation until he sends in the tanks ….. I personally think he won’t get away with it, but I may be wrong.I hope not.

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