Another Day, Another Disaster

15 Dec

So, Sarkozy’s Hopeless Integration Treaty is already hitting the fan as the latest summit stitch-up rapidly unravels. (Can shit unravel? Must do some experiments). France is about to lose its AAA rating. (Who dreams up these ratings? AAA is supposed to mean THE BEST, THE SAFEST!!!!), Sarko is sneering at the Brits (Does he know what pots and kettles are, in fact?), Greeks are demonstrating with swastikas, Spain has 40% youth unemployment, the Poles are rioting, the Irish jibbing, the Swedes cooling off rapidly, Italy ruled by a Eurocrat who is already rowing back on the “reforms”, French banks about to implode, a run on banks in Greece, recession looming everywhere except so far in Germany, but when that happens it’ll make Greece look like the Teddy Bear’s picnic at the Vicar’s. Look what happened last time we had hyper-inflation here! At least they haven’t got the bomb.

…. the EU elite must be so proud of its achievement in unifying Europe in brotherly love and helping its economies to prosper and compete with the Chinese. Their ultimate aim will soon be reached  – total political integration and control from Brussels to make Europe strong while at the same time completely ruining its economies. Which reminds me; where is GB? He isn’t secretly advising the EU by chance? I feel his hand of doom somewhere behind all this. Is he writing his memoirs? In his place, I think I’d rather forget than remember it all.

Which reminds me (again) – Blair and Mandelsacum are quiet, aren’t they? Are they on some oligarch’s yacht somewhere riding out the storm? But I thought Scummy was a Lord? Isn’t he supposed to do something for his 104,000GBP screw? Something to improve our lives, I mean? Do they have a register like at school? I mean, who checks that these people actually DO anything?

And to think that there are lunatics stumbling around free who regret Cameron’s decision not to participate in this utter shambles, calling it “postering” (very good – I feel like putting up a few posters myself), a shambles which SIMULTANEOUSLY seeks to destroy the City of London, which contributes a miserly 10% of Britain’s GDP!

And Sarko? The closer he comes to political oblivion the more he lashes out at the Anglo-Saxons …… what a nerdy little bile-spitting DRIP (Direly Ridiculous and Irritating Pillock).

Our Ed is doing well!! Who will vanish down the plug-hole of mediocrity first, he or Sarko? But it is horrible; what if Balls takes over? Yes, Balls – the same one who sat by Brown’s side applauding energetically that financial whizzo’s every surreally-insane new ploy to waste money and yet now lashes the toffs for trying to plug the gaping hole in the Titanic caused by his own lunatic steeering. But the word is, his wife is better-placed to replace UMM (Useless Milliband Minor). That would go down well in the Balls household. “Darling. I’m going to be the new leader not you.” “Oh rats. Snot fair. Why?” “Cause you’re a useless, ranting old windbag and nobody loves you though most are too feckless to say so.” “Oh alright – if you say so. Can I carry your handbag for you?”

I constantly think of the alien spaceship circling the Earth after travelling for millions of years:

“Cor Blimey, Mekonovich …. look at that lot down there! The lunatics have escaped from the asylum!!!!! And we thought things were bad on Mekonia!!!!! Let’s get the hell out of here before the French take over our civil service and drown us in taxes and paperwork!!”

Only one bright spark – Salmond threatens to do a UDI, though apparently he wants to keep the GBP. A bit off-message Alex Old Boy ……. I saw “threatens”, but “promises” would be better. I mean, aren’t you fed up with the Scots whinging? Still, he does add a bit of Celtic coloured fringe to lighten the gloom. “Lightening the gloom” and having a giggle? Where is Prescott when you need him?

Enjoy ……

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