Pygmies Strike Back

12 Dec

Not often you see a politician’s marbles suddenly leak out from his brain and roll rapidly down the drain overnight … what a very silly plonker Clegg really is.

Things which HAVEN’T CHANGED since Cameron’s veto:

  • pygmies are still a human race and perfectly normal and respectable (see above – my charming African friend on the Equator) – I wonder if in the pygmy world you can insult someone by calling them a Cleggo?
  • the UK is still the sixth or seventh largest economy in the world, even if Gordon Brown did his best to destroy it
  • the UK is STILL in the EU and the single market. France and Germany run it anyway, so there is hardly any need to go through the charade of pretending we have to have a say in anything
  • EU countries and anyone else will STILL be falling over themselves to trade with it (that’s business – has Clegg ever had a proper job?)
  • Democracy is still just about alive, Cameron having exercised Britain’s DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to act in its own interests rather than participate in a silly, vindictive farce.

No Cleggo – there is only one loser in all this. Thank God you are not in a position to do any real damage. Go back to footling about in opposition where you belong, and pls take the vastly-disappointing and unplugged Cable with you. If you could persuade the buffoon Ken Clarke to join you then that would be an added bonus.

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Posted by on December 12, 2011 in European Union


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One response to “Pygmies Strike Back

  1. Patti

    December 12, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Nice one Nemo


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