Clegg the Clown

12 Dec

Answering Daniel Hannan

Clegg is frankly unbelievable. To have such little understanding of what is going on ….. he is behaving like a clown. In essence, NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR BRITAIN. We are STILL in the EU single market. Does he think they will kick us out? He really does need some treatment. Who on earth is advising him? The Mad Hatter?

I believe, Daniel, that you like me are NOT “anti-Europe”, not in the SLIGHTEST. I am:

– anti a European superstate
– anti excessive regulation
– anti centralised EU power
– anti the venality and corruption of the EU
– anti the way the euro was introduced and run
– anti the blind zealotry of the EU fundamentalist clique
– anti the harmonisation of everything in the EU

I am for:

– openness
– humility
– democracy
– respect for basic commonsense let alone the opinion of expert economists
– more respect for the use of people’s money
– more accountability – Do you know of ANYONE involved in allowing Greece to enter the eurozone who has even apologised?

The supreme irony is that the EU elite fanatics have by their OWN fanaticism destroyed the euro and possiblý the EU as we know it.

But Europe will emerge the stronger, and let us hope wiser.

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