The Truth about the Summit

11 Dec

Let’s stay with the FACTS …..

A) The UK has been a NET CONTRIBUTOR to the EU for DECADES, which includes massive subsidies to French farmers. I hardly think it is fair for – particularly the French – to call the UK “un-European”.

B) When the euro was launched, there was a CHOICE of whether to join it. TEN COUNTRIES for their own reasons chose NOT to. ONE reason the UK chose not to was because we didn’t think it would work. WE WERE RIGHT. I think it must be this which the French find so irritating. The insufferable arrogance of the eurofundamentlists has been shown to be pathetic.

C) For historical rteasons the City of London is a world financial centre. This is EXTREMELY galling for the French and German elite. The financial restrictions proposed would have severely damaged London’s position, and so the UK government quite rightly used its DEMOCRATIC RIGHT (strange concept for the EU of course) to refuse to go along with them.

D) The TOBIN tax is STUPID if not applied GLOBALLY. If only in Europe the business will go ELSEWHERE. This would not affect Paris or Frankfurt much, but be damaging to England. If the Franco-German fascist alliance were balanced, it would REJOICE that a part of Europe was strong in one particular sector, just as the Brits are very happy that Germany is strong in machine-tools, France in wine and so on. But NO, the City is BLAMED for the crisis.This is a GIGANTIC LIE: the financial sector is NOT TO BLAME. Were nations’ budgets under control they could SPIT at “the markets”. What sort of LUNACY is it that every few weeks an EU country has to borrow BILLIONS more just to pay off its interest? Do you REALLY think it is surprising that the UK does not want to play this idiotic game? I’m disappointed that advanced business students have fallen for the Sarkozy propaganda. This is a crisis of SOVEREIGN DEBT. In other words, individual countries BORROWING TOO MUCH. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANGLO-SAXON banking. The FRENCH and GERMAN banks are NEAR to collapse BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPID LENDING; this is not rocket science.

Sarko wants to get reelected. Just like Putin, nothing works so well as whipping up a dose of xenophobia against the usual enemy. This is also intended to divert attention from his country’s own failings. France has not set a balanced budget for DECADES, France of course being too great and grand to have to follow the normal rules of economics and commonsense like eveyone else. France has one of the highest-taxed and regulated economies in the EU and has massively lost competitivity to Germany in the last decade or so.

E) This Brussels summit was specificially designed to get Britain out of the EU. There was NO NEED to include in these negotiations designed to save the euro all this crap about financial regulations. That was a deliberate RED HERRING.

F) The EU is quasi-fascist; the people are never consulted directly. A recent poll has shown that a MAJORITY of Germans AND French want out of the euro. Hardly surprising when you see the shambles it has created, with TWO countries having EU approved leaders thrust on them. Does France REALLY want to give up sovereignty to Brussels and Berlin? I don’t think so, and Sarko may find he has difficulty selling this package to the French when they realise what it means.

G) The most DISGUSTING thing is that Sarko et al are putting it about that Britain wants to “destroy the euro”. UTTER RUBBISH of course, worthy of Goebbels. Britain has done its utmost to be supportive EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT IN THE EURO. The veto was because Sarko and Merkel sought to DESTROY the City of London. It was an UTTERLY SHAMFEFUL piece of demagogery.

H) This summit, after which we had the usual smiles, champagne, backslapping and declarations that “the euro has been saved”, was TOTALLY UNPRODUCTIVE. There is NO IMMEDIATE SOLUTION and NOTHING that shows that these people have the faintest idea about the real problem of the euro, which is – AS THE EU’s OWN ECONOMISTS TOLD THEM A DECADE AGO – that Greece et al CANNOT live inthe same currency as Northern Europe.

The whole thing is a xenophobic charade. They propose now to do what they promised to do TEN YEARS AGO. Isn’t it HILARIOUS? NOW they understand. NOW Sarko is converted. But when he came to power three years ago, did you hear him say anything about the REAL problems France faced? Only NOW has Fillon introduced austerity measures. These politicians are third-rate; not what we deserve or need.

I REPEAT: The UK has paid its dues, having put BILLIONS into the EU since it entered. It has NO DESIRE to see the euro fail, but it WILL NOT sign up to measures that are deliberately designed to harm its economy. This whole summit was designed to put massive pressure on all EU countries to sign away their sovereignty. Even this ridiculous sitting through the night was planned to force decisions, and possibly not the ones people might have taken with a clear head. What a STUPID way to conduct vital business! The UK will NOT sign its sovereignty away, and I for one doubt very much whether France or many other countries will, too once they realize what is going on.

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