Farce in Brussels (latest)

10 Dec

So wonderful, the EU concept of democracy. It seems they passionately believe in it, but have cleverly sought to eliminate the messy bits. So if some lunatic individual or country actually votes off-message, they either get a load of vicious invective about not being team-players and seeking to “destroy Europe” or they have to vote again, or both. How much happier they would have been under Hitler – or indeed Vichy; everyone was on message then.

Thus European “leaders” (in inverted commas because if today you suddenly get all passionate about following rules which for ELEVEN years you recklessly flouted, then you’re not exactly “leading”, are you – more following, and a decade too late of course) are slagging off Cameron something rotten for daring to vote off-message and HEAVEN FORBID vote to protect the one bit of the EU economy which works well and by AMAZING COINCIDENCE the Continentals can’t compete with, though they did their best to stuff the City with the euro.

YES, there are city practices that you or I may find “unacceptable”, but you find those EVERYWHERE. And Snarlkozy has successfully – particularly among the brain-dead – sold the idea that this crisis is all the fault of bankers and financiers, especially Anglo-Saxon ones. Funny how he has forgotten the dire situation of German and French banks – some of which are on the verge of collapse – which idiotically lent vast sums to Greece. He forgets the fact that FRANCE HAS NOT SET A BALANCED BUDGET FOR DECADES. He forgets that hardly ANY of the eurozone countries followed THEIR OWN RULES. Indeed, when France went over the 3%  of GDP debt level and was challenged a French spokesperson said: “That rule was meant for little countries, not those like France.”

The Tobin tax is not a bad idea per se, but – funny coincidence that – it would destroy the position of London in world finance while having a marginal effect on Paris and Frankfurt. The cunning plan to introduce this tax (France’s greatest skill of course) ONLY in Europe is so cretinous that even Baldrick would have spurned it, worse indeed than his idea of coffee made from rat droppings and dust.

But every day sees a new cunning plan. The latest is the wheeze whereby European countries that have no money lend this non-existent money to the IMF, which promptly relends it to European countries who need money, or rather non-existent money. I forget the name; it’s probably referred to as “an instrument” instead of its more appropriate title of “Leveraged Sub-Ponzi Desperation Scheme N° 247”.

This wheeze is only bettered by demanding €200 billion from the UK to help the euro when A) the UK is not in the euro and B) a Snarlmerkozy ploy to force the UK OUT of the EU has so far proved successful, especially – as we said before – among the brain dead of European leaders, a larger group than one had even suspected. So they want us to give money we haven`t got to an organisation we don’t belong to and which we said wouldn’t work and which hasn’t worked BECAUSE OF THE IDIOCY OF ITS LEADERS.

No, time to get out of the EU; it’s fascist, obsessive, smothered in French-style bureaucracy and mired in corruption and waste with no proper accounts signed off for several decades. Forge links with Scandinavia and the rest of the world and leave Brussels to rot. Sooner or later the plebs will see through this lunacy and rebel; with any luck a new and more humble, democratic and rational EU will emerge from the ashes of this disaster.

“UK out of the EU – Continent isolated.” Sounds good ……. except to failed party hacks such as Kinnock, Mandelson, Ashton et al. They would have to get a proper job, though this is somewhat difficult to imagine.

Meanwhile, best of luck to the European small fry countries bullied or brainwashed into supporting Snarlmerkozy. I do hope you enjoy life under Franco-German hegemony. And Congrats to the Germans, doomed now to further decades of financially propping up a futile cause with their exported Mercs, Audis and BMWs. How long the German plebs will put up with this con trick is another matter. Still, the plebs don’t really count, do they?

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